Tuesday, July 7, 2020

AP Teachers Transfers 2020 How To Know Mandal Wise Schools Enrollment without Username & Password

 AP Teachers Transfers 2020 How To Know Mandal Wise Schools Enrollment without Username & Password

Dear friends this is to inform you that the Government of AP is going to issue the orders as early as possible regarding the Transfers of Teachers of AP and Rationalisation., as we know that
as per the information the  cutoff Date for the rationalisation will be taken from 29th February, 2020.
Before we apply the transfer from the present school in which you are working, teachers should know the total strength of the school chilrden .Here we have full information on how to know the Strength of Teachers and Students in a partiular School Before we apply for transfers.
How to know the strength of the school children and Teachers  which you are going to Opt During Web Counselling  school and Mandal wise , let us know here, 

There are two methods to know the information of a School in terms of Sterength of Students and Teachers , let us know here.

First Method:

  1. First you go to the official website www.cse.ap.gov.in
  2. Click on Report option
  3. Then click on student information.
  4. Click on student update information
  5. page will be open,and select the District which you want to apply.
  6. Next select the Mandal 
  7. The page will be open, and select the school, you may also find the strength of all the schools here.

Second Method:

  1. Click on Report option
  2. Click on the School Information
  3. Then click on the School card status
  4. Click on select Academic year, District, Mandal, Category like Primary, UP, High school and select Management, School Type , Select Rural/Urban finally click on Go option.
  5. Then the page will be opened  on display you find list of schools mandal wise and select a school as your choice.
These are the two methods of applying for your transer this is for your kind information, and process.

How To Know Mandal Wise Schools Enrollment without Username & Password watch Video Here
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