Tuesday, 7 July 2020

How To Restrict YouTube and Google Play Store on Android Devices

How To Restrict YouTube and Google Play Store on Android Devices /mobile phones

Hi...are you a parent giving mobile phone to your kids ......?
Then this information is for you please read. In todays situation that is Corona Covid 19 Period all schools are running back of  Online Classes from classes 1st to 10th . Therefore on the name of Online Classes Parents themselves giving mobile phones  to their children. But before we give it is very important and safe to do some controls and restrictions in mobile  by ourselves to keep our children safe and away from online Drugs like You Tube and Google Play Store . You as parents very well know what are they? When children get mobile phone in their hands the most common applications they use are play store for games download and you tube for the videos.

So as parent we should not allow them to open those You Tube and Google Play Store . 
So for that all that we have to do is to make settings in such a way that those apps will not be opened

How To Restrict YouTube and Google Play Store on Android Devices /mobile phonesSteps to Restrict Google Play store and You tube /2020/07/how-to-restrict-youtube-and-google-play-store-on-android-devices-smart-phones.html

Steps to Restrict Google Play store and You tube 

What we should do in Play store ?
  1. In Play Store click near Search you will get settings
  2. In settings scorll down to User Control
  3. Go to the Parental Control  Enable it
  4. You will be asked to give a 4 digit secret pin 
  5. After setting the pin   go to  Apps and Games
  6. You will be getting Age restrictions set it to maximum 12
  7. Then go to films 
  8. Set it to U most Restrictive and now
  9. Go to You tube 
  10. Click Your Account Icon
  11. Click Settings
  12. Click the first option General
  13. Scrol down to Restricted mode 
  14. Enable it

Thats it...!! Now the Play Store and You Tube will be under your control and safe to be used by the kids. So , do this before you give your mobile to your kids for Online Classes or for anything else

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