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AP Teachers Transfers 2023 : Download Vacancy Report, Promotion Final Seniority List, Final Seniority List

AP Teachers Transfers 2023 : Download Vacancy Report, Promotion Final Seniority List, Final Seniority List Final Seniority List 2023 for AP Teachers Transfers for All Districts All Cadres Teachers Seniority Lists Website for Andhra Pradesh Teachers Final Seniority List 2023 Download All Cadres - District-Wise Seniority Lists for Promotions, AP Teachers Promotion Seniority Lists 2023 Seniority List Enabled Raise of Objections on Provisional Seniority List Service Enabled at AP Instructors Telugu, Urdu, SA School Assistants, and HMS Seniority Promotion Lists Seniority List for SGT Download SA Seniority List All Managements Guntur Srikakulam DEO THE DEO VIZIANAGRAM DEO East Godavari DEO Vizag West Godavari DEO DEO Prakasam DEO Krishna DEO Chittoor DEO Nellore KADAPA DEO DEO Anantapur Dist DEO Kurnool Teachers Seniority Lists SGT Seniority List SA Seniority List Download Provisional Seniority List at Final Seniority List Transfer of AP Teachers.

How to Download the 2023 Seniority Lists?
  1. Visit the official Teacher Transfers website at 
  2. Choose the tab for the final seniority list.
  3.  Choose a district Cadre for Selected Transfers Save the listing.
  4.  Download as PDF


AP Teachers Transfers 2020 How to Apply Online @ 
Hello Everyone in this page we are giving the information of Teacher transfers -2020 
Latest Update as on 10.10.2020........The Andhra Pradesh Government has given good news to teachers. Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy Garu has approved the transfer of teachers. He signed the Teachers Transfers file on Saturday. Government sources given orders on the issue of transfers and will be definitely would be issued in two to three days. All the teachers who have completed two years by 29.02.2020  are known to be eligible for Teachers Transfers The program of Teachers Transfers 2020 will be undertaken through web counseling. The teacher unions are happy that the Government has taken a great decision and given the green signal for Teacher Transfers.
Coomissioner of School Education Andhra Pradesh has decided to conduct AP Teachers Transfers in this month that is August month 2020. But this time AP Teachers Transfers is going to be held through Online web based counselling. Teachers who are willing to get transfer have to submit their application form online at school education department official portal cse, . Therefore not only applying the teachers may also check their District wise seniority lists of GHM SA Telugu Hindi English Maths Physical SCience Bio Science Social Studies PET language pandits in the same Official website As it is finally confirmed that there will compulsory transfers will be there in this month the teachers always have to visit the official website time to time for updates like Important Dates to submit online , Guidelines , entitlement points, preparation of category wise , seniority lists submission of web options at Teachers Login allotment of schools amd download of AP Teachers Transfers 2020 Order Copies

AP Teachers Transfers 2020 Online Application Form

CSE AP has issued orders on AP Teachers to finalise district wise vacancies by 18th september 2020. Really very happy to say that it is a big move towards AP Teachers Transfers 2020 by the Andhra Pradesh School Education Department. AP Teachers have to be ready to Apply Online at and get an idea on web counselling.Recently few days ago AP Teachers Transfers updates from CSE AP, RJDs DEos in the state have got instructions to be ready with clear vacancies details as per the proposed norms which are communicated. So the Teachers of Andhra Pradesh have to get ready for the AP Teachers Transfers 2020 to Apply Online ,Download Seniority Lists , Vacancy Lists and submit the web options as there will be shortly release of AP Teachers Transfers 2020 Guidelines and Schedule .
School Eduaction Coomissioner of Andhra Pradesh Chinna Veerabhadrudu had said  hopefully AP Teachers Transfers 2020 will be held in the month of August 2020. AP Teachers Transfers related Guidelines and Transfers Schedule will be released shortly ,Therefore Teachers have to be ready with relevent useful information. The Teachers have to Apply Online and the web options  to be submitted by the teachers in online mode only,
ఉపాధ్యాయులబదిలీల Model Application Application లో గల columns  Model Application Form and How to Fill AP Teachers Transfers Application Form  Online and How to Apply Online.AP Teachers Transfers Online Application Form has been placed in the Official Website The Teachers who are willing to ger tranfer and the teachers who have completed 8 years in one station should apply online for Teachers Transfers when the Schedule comes Officially . All the Teachers who are intentd to apply for Transfers have to apply using the following links.The Application will be placed online with performance points of Teachers. Teachers who are willing to get transfer and the teachers who are completed eight years of service in the same station should apply online when the application  form is kept in the official website The given below is the model
application only the original application will be hosted in AP Online Official Website

AP Teachers Transfers, Web Counselling for Teachers Transfers

AP Teachers Transfers will be done in the month of July  and AP School Eduaction Department has also issued Rationalization and Transfers Clarifications. AP Teachers transfers is going to be conduct in the month of July 2020. This application Proforma is belongs to the previous transfers, in this model application the new columns may be added and old columns may be deleted. Those who are going to apply for transfers  have to note down the detailsof  application columns in a paper , it may  may be helpful to you while applying in the official website. Let us look in to the following details of  Model Application  form columns while applying, in this application. There may be chances of  some columns may be deleted and can add new columns.
AP Teacher transfers -2020 How to Apply Online @ AP Teachers Transfers 2020 Online Application Form

Latest Updates
 Flash...Teachers Transfers Process Start అయ్యింది, Transfers కి సంభందించి State మొత్తం
అందరి Teachers మరియు స్కూల్స్ యొక్క Master Data Update చేయడానికి ఒక  Website కూడా ఇవ్వడం జరిగింది. ఈ Website లో ఏమేమి Information అడుగుతున్నారో పూర్తి సమాచారం తెలుసుకొనుటకు క్రింది వీడియో లింక్ ను క్లిక్ చేయండి.ఈ సమాచారం ఆధారంగానే త్వరలోనే Transfers Online Application ఓపెన్ అవుతుంది. ఈ Data నే ఆన్లైన్ అప్లికేషన్ లో Reflect అవుతుంది
For Complete Details Watch This Video 

Reapportionment of Teachers:

Attend the review/verification work along with 

1) School wise Class wise Enrollment as on 29.02.2020 
2) School wise Cadre Strength 
3) Clear Vacancies as on 01.09.2020
4) Long Standing Vacancies in PS & UPS (who joined in the present school on or before 18.11.2012)
5) HRA Category of schools (changes if any occurred submit with dates)
6) Teachers preferential category / spouse cases who utilized in last 10 years (i.e., from 2009 onwards) 
Submit in soft and hard copies of data.   
The concerned MEOs should attend along with MIS/CO with Laptops.
Follow the Covid-19 Protocol while attending the review.
Schedule for DyEOs will be issued soon

TEACHER TRANSFERS UPDATE - మాస్టర్ డేటా కి సంబంధించి DEO లకి అప్లికేషన్ విడుదల చేసిన పాఠశాల విద్యా శాఖ.

AP Teachers Transfers 2020 IntegratedMaster Data for Teachers Transfers CSE has developed an integrated Masters Data forTeachers Transfers. This Masters Data contains Basic Details of Schools, Teachers Details Vacamcy Deytails and Teachers Personal Details. This Interagrated Master Data will be the key for teachers Transfers for 2020 Transfers. The Details of the AP Teachers Transfers 2020 Master Data is given below. This data has to bve filed and werified by the DEO iffuce. Master Data Module for Teachers Transfers 2020 . This Integrated Master Data Application contains 3 Sections in it

All the DEO's are informed that the following services are enabled in the respective logins for
1. Updating the schools category and area.
2. Update Teacher Availed Spouse/preferntial Category for the ensuing teacher transfers to be scheduled Enter School Basic Details (AP Teachers Transfer 2020) School Details.Vacancy Details.
3. EDIT Teacher Details
Teacher Name
 Mobile No
Date Of Birth
Post Name
Subject Name
Medium Name
Update Teacher Availed Spouse Preferential Category
Is Availed Spouse (In last 8 years)
Is Availed Preferential Category (In last 8 years)
Therefore all are requested to best show your personal attention by duly constituting the teams for updation in next two days without fail.

Click Here AP Teachers 2020 School Category Details and Vacancies 
Click Here AP Transfers 2020 Teacher Preferential Category Detail
Click Here AP Transfers 2020 Teachers Details Edit

బదిలీలు సర్వీసు పాయింట్లు, స్టేషన్ పాయింట్ల ఆధారంగానే జరుగుతాయి.
0.25 points only for Service per year
కేటగిరీ-4 కు 5పాయింట్లు,
కేటగిరీ-3 కు 3పాయింట్లు,
కేటగిరీ-2 కు 2పాయింట్లు,
కేటగిరీ-1 కు 1పాయింట్
Tanafers Minimum 2years, Maximum 8 years5 Points for Spouse

Schedule for AP Teachers Transfers  2020 Schedule- Important Dates

  1. AP Teachers Transfers Release of Notification  :
  2. Online Applications submission :
  3. Display of District wise Category wise Provisional Seniority list :
  4. Objections on Seniority list clarifications by DEO :
  5. Final Seniority list :
  6. Display of Vacancies :
  7. Submission of Web Options at :
  8. HMs web options  :
  9. SA(lang) & Pandits web options :
  10. SA(non lang) & LFL HMs web options :
  11. SGTs & PETs web options :
  12. Allotment of Schools as per the Teachers Seniority :
  13. Download of AP Teachers Transfers Order Copies :
  14. Joining in New Schools  :

How to Submit Online Application Form for AP Teachers Transfers 2020 

Teachers willing to get transfers and who are eligible as per the norms and the teachers who are compulsory for transfers have to submit their Application Form Online @ , Here we are providing step by step process to upload their application form
Process to Apply Online for AP Teachers Transfers 2020 is as follows
  1.  Go to the Offical Website 
  2.  In Teachers Corner Click on the Application For Teachers Transfers.
  3.  Fill in the Application Form as per the instructions given in the User Guide and Government Orders and also keeping in mind the clarifications issued by the Government from time to time.
  4. Confirm the next Dialogue box. '*' marks are compulsory. It is advised to submit mobile phone numbers that are in working condition and keep it in use till completion of the whole transfer process , as all communications will be sent through sms from time to time.
  5. Enter your 7-Digit  Treasury ID , Date of Birth and enter the verification code.
  6. The application will be opened.

Allotment of Entitlement Points for AP Teachers Transfers 2020

Officials will award entitlement points after the submission of online application form , which are most important on deciding seniority lists for transfers. Entitlement points shall be awarded to the teachers based on the service rendered in the present school category as on 30th June 2020 

Tentative Seniority List for Web Counselling AP Teachers Transfers 2020  

In Andhra Pradesh Teachers Tranfers Tentative Senioruity LIst for Web Counselling : Management Wise , Post Wise of Ananthapur, Chittoor, Vijayanagaram, West  Godavari, East Godavari,  Srikakulam, Krishna Nellore, Prakasam, Vizag, Kadapa, Kurnool and Guntur Districts are released . Counselling Guidelines are clearly mentioned  not only that if teachers have any Grievances on Seniority List or Tentative Seniority List please submit your objections Here. Applications which are given manuallly are not accepted. Once the Tentative Seniority List gets confirmed by the concerned DEO then Final SEniority List will be Displayed.

Final Seniority List for  Web Counselling AP Teachers Transfers 2020  

After confirming the changes  Tentative Seniority List all th DEOs Districty Eduaction Officers of Andhra Pradesh releases the Final Seniority List for  Web Counselling   ationalization  List of Schools , Posts releases District wise. The tentative list of Cadre wise under rationalization of Primary UP High Schools will be kept in the official  websites

AP District Educational Offices DEO Official Websites

After the approval of Concerned DEOs   AP Teachers Transfers 2020  Seniority List will be displayed in the official websites as per Schedule. Finally all the Districts of  Andhra Pradesh  Ananthapur, Chittoor, Vijayanagaram, West Godavari, East Godavari,  Srikakulam, Krishna Nellore, Prakasam, Vizag, Kadapa, Kurnool and Guntur Official  websites will be displayed with Final Seniority List , District Wise Vacancies List of Web Counselling of Teachers SGT. SA, GrII HMs, TPT, HPT
  1. Ananthapur DEO Website Click Here
  2. Chittoor DEO Website Click Here
  3. Vijayanagaram DEO Website Click Here
  4. West Godavari DEO Website Click Here
  5. East Godavari DEO Website Click Here
  6. Srikakulam DEO Website Click Here
  7. Krishna Nellore DEO Website Click Here
  8. Prakasam DEO Website Click Here
  9. Vizag DEO Website Click Here
  10. Kadapa DEO Website Click Here
  11. Kurnool DEO Website Click Here
  12. Guntur DEO Website Click Here
  13. Nellore DEO Website Click Here

Download District Wise Category wise Vacancy Lists

The Teachers who are wishing for transfer have to download vacancy list from their respective districts DEO Websites. Here one point to be remembered that the vacancies are of 3 types 
Clear Vacancies
Compulsory Vacancies and 
Probable Vacancies
All the Vacancy Details like SGT SA LPT GHM of  AP Teachers Transfers 2020 are released by CSE,AP and placed to download in the Official websites
The Government of AP is going to issue the orders as early as possible regarding the Transfers of Teachers of AP and Rationalisation., as we know that as per the information the  cutoff Date for the rationalisation will be taken from 29th February, 2020.
Before we apply the transfer from the present school in which you are working, teachers should know the total strength of the school chilrden .Here we have full information on how to know the Strength of Teachers and Students in a partiular School Before we apply for transfers.
How to know the strength of the school children and Teachers  which you are going to Opt During Web Counselling  school and Mandal wise , let us know here, 
There are two methods to know the information of a School in terms of Sterength of Students and Teachers , let us know here.
First Method:
First you go to the official website
Click on Report option
Then click on student information.
Click on student update information
page will be open,and select the District which you want to apply.
Next select the Mandal 
The page will be open, and select the school, you may also find the strength of all the schools here.
Second Method:
Click on Report option
Click on the School Information
Then click on the School card status
Click on select Academic year, District, Mandal, Category like Primary, UP, High school and select Management, School Type , Select Rural/Urban finally click on Go option.
Then the page will be opened  on display you find list of schools mandal wise and select a school as your choice.
These are the two methods of applying for your transer this is for your kind information, and process.
Click Here To Know Mandal Wise School Enrollment Official Website

AP Teachers Transfers 2020 : How to Submit Web Options

After getting seniority lists the Teachers  have to exercise web options online with their login details at , It is very important before going to opt a school teachers have to confirm the school address location with the help of UDISE.Here we are helping you with a posting on how to find the school location before opting it during web counselling
How to Submit Web Options Process
  1. First open
  2. Click on Login
  3. Enter mobile number and treasury ID
  4. OTP will be sent to your Registered mobile number
  5. Now enter OTP and Click on Login
  6. There are 3 types of vacancies Clear Vacancies Compulsory Vacancies and  Probable Vacancies
  7. Select the Schools you have worked out before
  8. Cross Check your options once before you submit
  9. Finally click on submit

AP Teachers Transfers 2020 Order Copies Download

The Final Step in the AP Teachers Transfers is Downloading Teachers Order copies. The Teachers who have been alloted to the new places/ Schools have to download the AP Teachers Transfer Order copies and have to join in the new schools with in the given time by the CSE or  School Education Department or CSE official portan

AP Teacher Transfers -2020  How to Apply Online  

Model Transfers Application Form ( Not Official )
Personal Details
1.District : Select
2.Code :
3.Mandal : Select
4.Name of the Individual seeking Transfer :
5.Mobile Number :
6.Aadhaar Number :
7.Employee ID :
8.Date of Birth :
 9.Gender : Select
8.Maritial Status :     Select
10.Category of the Post : Select
11.Subject : Select
12.Medium of School : Select
13. Management of the School : Select
14.School Type : Select
15.Name of the School : Select
16.School Code :
17.Date from which the Individual is working in the Present School in all Categories of Posts.(DD/MM/YYYY)
18.Category Of the School (Present): Select
18(A). Is there any change in Category Of the School in Previous 8yrs : Select
19.Whether the Individual has completed 8 yrs of Service as on 31st July, 2017 in All Categories of Posts in School except Head Master Grade II.(Note: For Head Master Grade II 5 yrs of service as on 31st July, 2017)  : Select
20.Whether the Individual is Male Headmaster Grade-II/Teacher Aged below 50 years as on 31st July, 2017 of the year and working in Girls High School : Select
21.Rationalization(Have you affected under Rationalization process)  Select
22.Date of First Appointment in service: (DD/MM/YYYY)
22(A). First appointed Category of the post : Select
22(B). First appointed Subject : Select
23.Whether he/she is President or General Secretary of the District/State of Recognized Association: Select
24.Whether spouse is Employee of State Govt/Central Govt/Public Sector Undertaking/Local body / Aided Institution in the same district(in the same zone for Gazetted Head Master, Gr.II in Govt Schools ) : Select
25.Whether the Teacher availed the benefit under Individual/Spouse Category During the Last 8 years as on 31st July, 2017 : Select
25(A).whether interested to avail spouse Benifit :  Select
26.Whether the Teacher willing to Teach in English Medium in English Medium Schools/Parallel Sections : Select
27.Whether the Physical Science Teacher is willing to Teach Mathematics in Future : Select
28.Performance Parameters Participation
28 (A).The Teachers who have got National or State award issued by the Central / State Government. Select

28 (C). Is there any increase in the enrollment last two years (10% to 20%) as per child info data: Select
28 (D). Average children attendance of the school: Select
28 (E). 100 % Transition of children within their school or catchment area: Select
28 (F). As per annual assessment survey (ASS 2017) students Grade : Select
Teacher Attendance
28 (G).Percentage of working days attenance in last two years :  Select
28 (H). If the children of teacher are studying Govt/LocalBodies/Muncipal/aided/APResidential schools:   Select
28 (I).Raising of the funds/material/property/infrastructure for developing of the school (in last two years) :  Select
 Individual Performance
28 (J).Performance in ssc results :  Select
28 (K).School average performance in ssc exams :    Select
29.If diciplinary action is initiated for Irregular attendence / Unauthorised absence/ not completing syllabus, indicipline :  Select
30.Whether the individual availed the benefit under Preferential category during the last 8 years as on 31st July, 2017 : Select
31. Whether the individual wants to claim under Preferential Category (Yes/No): Select
31(A). Select Disease: Select
Note : There will be some Additions and Deletions in the Application Format 

AP Teachers Transfers Model Application Form Brief Description

1. Select the District
2.Automatically you can find the Zonal code
3. Mandal (select your mandal)
4. Name of the individual seeking transfer : (enter your name)
5. Mobile No : (enter your Registered  Mobile No. important thing is in web options also mention your Regd Mobile no)
6 Enter yourAadhaar No
7. Enter your Treasury ID NO.
8. Date of Birth : (As in certificates)
9. Enter Gender  : (Like Male/Female)
10. Enter Category post : (Like SGT/SA/etc)
11. Subject :  (teaching subject)
12.Medium of school
13. Management of the school :  (mangement or local bodies)
14. School type :  (Boys/Girls/Co-Education)
15. Name of the School  : (select from your mandal)
16. School Code :  (automatically your school will be selected)
17. Date from which the individual is working in the present school in all categories of posts :(mention the dates which presently working from to till date)
18. Category of the school  : (enter your school category 1, 2, 3 or 4)
18 A. is there any change in category of the school in previous 8 years :  ( if the category was changed in previous 8 years in the school then mention if yes or if No and the details also should mention while applying online, if the category was changed then you have to mention that from which year to which year with the dates, kindly note down this while applying)
19. Whether the individual has completed 8 years of service as on --------- in all categories of posts in school : ( mention if your service has completed 8 years, then your cutoff date also will be changed, this is the previous application date)
20. Whether the individual is Male Headmaster Grade-II/Teacher Aged below 50 years as on ------------- of the year and working in Girls High School  : ( this may change in new application as per cutoff)
21. Rationalization (Have your affected under Rationalization process) : ( if you have affected with
Rationalization  mention Yes or No)
22. Date of first appointment in service :  ( enter the date which you have been appointed in your first service)
22 (A). First appointed category of the post  : (mention your category also which you have been appointed in your first service)
23. Whether he/she is president of General Secretaty of the District/State of Recognized Association : ( mention the dates If you have been of any Union secreatary cadre)
24. Whether spouse is an Employee of State Govt/Central Govt/Public Sector Undertakig/Locol body/Aided institution in the same district  : (in the same Zone for Gazetted Head Master, Gr.II Govt Schools ( Mention Yes or No if your Spouse in these categories, if yes you have to mention of your spouse details like treasury ID, name of the spouse, deisgnation, name of the institution,district and Mandal)
25. Whether the teacher availed the benefit under individual/spouse Category during the last 8 years as on 31st May, 2015  : ( mention the details if you have availed any spouse benefits during the last 8 years in if Yes/No)
25 A. Whether interested to avail spouse benefit  : (in case if you did not avail the spouse benifits during last 8 years, and if your are willing to avail spouse benefits in present period mention if Yes/No)
26. Whether the teacher willing to teach in English Medium in English Schools/Parallel Sections.
27.Whether the Physical Science Teacher is willing to teach Mathematics in Future.
28. Performances Parameters Participation.
28 A. The teachers who have got National or State award by the Central/State Government.
29. Teacher Irregular Attendance/Unauthorised absence, not completing syllabus.  : (Sl.Nos 26 - 29 columns may be change, or modify)
30. Whether the individual availed the benefit under preferential category during the last 8 years as on 31st May, 2015 :  (during last 8 years bu using  given cutoff marks in preferential category mention Yes/No)
31. Whether the individual wants to claim under preferential category :  ( if you are willing to calim preferential category mention if Yes/No)
31 A. Select Disease :  (if Yes These are the information you can find on online while you applying, This is only for Awareness for applicants those who are going to applying.

Hope this information is useful for you on How the AP Teachers Transfers 2020 Model Applocayion may be . Here below we are also a providing a video of AP Teachers
Click Here to Download
Model Application Form 2015
Transfers Model application  Click on the video to watch 

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District wise seniority lists and displayExercising web options for Transfers Allotment of Schools to teachers as per their seniority Download of AP Teachers Transfers 2020 online at