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AP Teachers Transfers 2020 - Guidelines Schedule Web Options Details Online Application

Andhra Pradesh Teachers Transfers 2020 Guidelines Schedule Online application form web counselling of SGT/SA/Gr-II HM/TPT/HPT District wise Senioriy List, School Wise Vacancies Details Rationalization and Web counselling Details and Dates 

Andhra Pradesh Teachers Transfers Guidelines 2020- Teachers in Online Web Counselling Process :

 AP Teachers Transfers 2020 Guidelines , AP Teachers Transfers will be released by  AP School Education Department . AP Teachers Transfers Schedule 2020 , Schools rationlalization and Web Counselling Details and Important dates are available now. Andhra Pradesh Teachers Transfers Guidelines 2020 , Teachers Transfers in Online Web Counselling Process. The Government of Andhra Pradsh will exercise
AP Teachers Transfers Online Application Form at APTeachers Transfers 2020 guidelines online application form exercising web options seniority 
lists of SGT SA LP PET Head masters Download at as per entitlement points. Draft Guidelines has been prepared  by Andhra Pradesh School Education Department for Trasfer of Headmasters and Teachers through Online mode web counselling process by getting web options form the eligible and interested teachers. There is also some Tentative Guidelines and Norms for Awarding entitlement points to Teachers and Headmasters  which are useful for Andhra Pradesh Teachers Transfers 2020. AP teaches Transfers Eligibility Criteria and Entitlement Points , Preferential points , Performance points , Special category points for Transfers  AP-Teachers-Transfers-

 Flash...Teachers Transfers Process Start అయ్యింది, Transfers కి సంభందించి State మొత్తం అందరి Teachers మరియు స్కూల్స్ యొక్క Master Data Update చేయడానికి ఒక  Website కూడా ఇవ్వడం జరిగింది. ఈ Website లో ఏమేమి Information అడుగుతున్నారో పూర్తి సమాచారం తెలుసుకొనుటకు క్రింది వీడియో లింక్ ను క్లిక్ చేయండి.ఈ సమాచారం ఆధారంగానే త్వరలోనే Transfers Online Application ఓపెన్ అవుతుంది. ఈ Data నే ఆన్లైన్ అప్లికేషన్ లో Reflect అవుతుంది
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Reapportionment of Teachers:

Attend the review/verification work along with 

1) School wise Class wise Enrollment as on 29.02.2020 
2) School wise Cadre Strength 
3) Clear Vacancies as on 01.09.2020
4) Long Standing Vacancies in PS & UPS (who joined in the present school on or before 18.11.2012)
5) HRA Category of schools (changes if any occurred submit with dates)
6) Teachers preferential category / spouse cases who utilized in last 10 years (i.e., from 2009 onwards) 
Submit in soft and hard copies of data.   
The concerned MEOs should attend along with MIS/CO with Laptops.
Follow the Covid-19 Protocol while attending the review.
Schedule for DyEOs will be issued soon

TEACHER TRANSFERS UPDATE - మాస్టర్ డేటా కి సంబంధించి DEO లకి అప్లికేషన్ విడుదల చేసిన పాఠశాల విద్యా శాఖ.

All the DEO's are informed that the following services are enabled in the respective logins for
1. Updating the schools category and area.
2. Update Teacher Availed Spouse/preferntial Category for the ensuing teacher transfers to be scheduled Enter School Basic Details (AP Teachers Transfer 2020) School Details.Vacancy Details.
EDIT Teacher Details
Teacher Name
 Mobile No
Date Of Birth
Post Name
Subject Name
Medium Name
Update Teacher Availed Spouse Preferential Category
Is Availed Spouse (In last 8 years)
Is Availed Preferential Category (In last 8 years)
Therefore all are requested to best show your personal attention by duly constituting the teams for updation in next two days without fail.

AP Teachers 2020 School Category Details and Vacancies
AP Transfers 2020 Teacher Preferential Category Detail
AP Transfers 2020 Teachers Details Edit

AP Teachers Transfers Guidelines 2020 

Andhra Pradesh Teachers Transfers 2020 apply online link available and Teachers Web Option process details here. AP Teachers Transfers 2020 Schedule Online application form web counselling. AP Teachers Transfers SGT/ SA/ Gr-II HM/ TPT/ HPT school wise Vacancies details, district wise Seniority List Schools Rationalization and Web Counselling details, Dates released by school education department. AP Teachers Transfers Rationalization 2020

AP Teachers Transfers 2020 Schedule Online Application Form web counselling AP Teachers Transfers 2020 Schedule Online Application Form web counselling. AP Teachers Transfers Annexure SGT/SA/GrII HM/TPT/HPT School Wise Vacancies Details, District wise seniority List Schools Rationalization and Web Counselling Details, dates Government of Andhra Pradesh , CSE AP has been planning for Teachers transfers and Rationalisation through web counselling . Many Teachers Unions have represented to transfer the teachers in this summer 2020 as many teachers have completed long standing 8 years for teachers and 5 years for HMs . Prior to this 2020 July  Teachers Transfers the Government of AP has conducted Teachers Transfers in 2017 . As many teachers are suffering due to long standing problems since they are working in the same school  for several years . Andhra Pradesh Government taking all these considerations CSE AP instructed to DEOs for the District Wise Vacancies List. Once the file gets approved by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Sri. Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy CSE  AP will announce the Teachers Transfers Official Schedule to conduct the Rationalization and Transfers of Teachers through web counselling in all the 13 Districts of Andhra Pradesh.

AP Teachers Transfers Web Counselling Process

As the Government of AP has decided to take up AP Teachers Transfers in the month of July 2020 let us know about the web counselling process based on the previous transfers which took place in the Year 2017.Previouly the Process of Transfers took place in 11 Steps

 AP Teachers Rationalization Process : 
Rationalization  Exercise by District Level Committee

AP Teachers Transfers Display of Vacancies 
Dispaly of List of Vacancies Management wise, category wise, subject wise, Medium wise in website in respect of Upper Primary Schools and High Schools and in respect of Primary Schools after completing rationalization process. In this stage CSE will display clear vacancies , 8 Years Vacancies and Rationalization Vacancies in the official website.
 Note: In this stage  arising vacancies will not be displayed.
The Teachers who have completed 8 years of service at one particular school and the teachers who are effected by Rationalization have to work out a lot during web counselling process.

AP Teachers Transfers Online Application at
 Applying for Transfer by HM/Teacher online and Submission of Printout application form to the concerned MEO or Dy.E.O. In this the Teachers who are willing to get trasfered have to apply online at the Official Website The teachers  who have completed 8 Years and effected with Rationalization must apply compulsorily. The teachers who opt to apply for transfers have to enter their complete details to generate the Entitlement Points and Seniority Points. After submitting the entire details, Total points will be calculated. After  submitting Online Application the teachers have to take a print out of that copy and submit to the Concerned MEO or DY. E O.

 Note : While Applying the form , date of joinings and Phone Numbers must be carefully entered, as far as possible try to apply through system.

AP Teachers Transfers Display of Provisional List 
Receiving Print Out of the application form by the DEO after verification by MEO or Dy.E.O and preparation of Seniority List.  Here in this stage after the verification of the application forms by the concerned MEO  DyEO, the information is collected by DEO. Now according to AP Teachers Transfers Guidelines Provisional List will be prepared. Dispaly of Provisional Seniority Lists based on Entitlement Points and Seniority Points in the Official Website
Depending on the Entitlement Points and Seniority Points of the teachers Provisional Seniority Lists will be displayed in the Official webite.

AP Teachers Transfers Submission of  Objections
Submission of Uploaded Objections in the website and the Proofs if any to the District Educational Officer.If there are any objections in the displayed seniority lists the other teachers have to upload the objections with proofs,

AP Teachers Transfers  Redressal of Objections or replies posted on website by  District Educational Officer.
 Redressal of Objections or replies posted on website by  District Educational Officer.
Here the concerned District Educational Officer will go through the objections with proofs and he will solve the problems if any and display the explanations of the objections in the Official Website

AP Teachers Transfers  Display of Final seniority Lists
 Confirmation and willingness of application to participate in transfer counselling by HM or Treacher. In this stage the HMs or Teachers have to give their confirmation as they are showing willingness  to participate  in transfer counselling . Display of Final seniority Lists with seniority Points and Entitlement Points in the Website. In this stage taking in to consideration of  seniority Points and Entitlement Points the seniority List will be finalised.

AP Teachers Transfers Submission of Online Web options
Submission of Online Web options by the Headmater /Teacher. This is very important stage to where the  Headmater /Teacher have to submit the Online Weboptions very Carefully.

 AP Teachers Transfers Dispaly Of Transfer Orders in the Website 
 Dispaly Of Transfer Orders in the Website and issue of orders (Hard Copy)by the Concerned Authority ( Allotment shoud be generated for all categaries of the posts to the applied candidates District Wise, Category Wise, Medium wise and Subject wise basing on the web options given by the individuals. Here in this stage after the completion of web options process by the Teachers the concerned Authority will display and Issue the transfers orders to the teachers. Now according to the weboptions opted by the teachers ,the places will be alloted based on District Wise, Category Wise, Medium wise and Subject wise 

Schedule for AP Teachers Transfers Web Counselling 2020

  1. Online Applications submission:
  2. Display of Provisional Seniority list: 
  3. Objections on Seniority list clarifications by DEO: 
  4. Final Seniority list: 
  5. Display of Vacancies :  
  6. HMs web options : 
  7. SA(lang) & Pandits web options : 
  8. SA(non lang) & LFL HMs web options : 
  9. SGTs & PETs web options : 
  10. Transfer orders display : 
  11. Joining in New Schools : 
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Proposed Norms for AP Teachers Transfers
AP Teachers Transfers Rules 2017 Guidelines Norms for TeachersAP 

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