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T-SAT Mock Test for TET SI and Constable Exams

T-SAT Mock Test for TET SI and Constable Exams

  T-SAT Conducting Mock Tests free for Various Competitive Exams.T SAT Online Mock Test. The T SAT online mock test is a helpful tool for all the aspiring candidates that are looking to crack the TET Constables and SI exams. This year many  notifications will be released by the Telangana Government such as DSC SI Constables and Groups .The best way to be fully prepared for these competitive examinations is with the TSAT  mock test . Complete with modules prepared according to the exam guidelines of the DSC , the mock test TSAT not only helps the candidates by honing their knowledge but also gives them an idea of what the recruitment exams they are about to appear for.  

Testbook, with its extensive range of TSAT online mock tests, is the perfect destination for candidates preparing for these exams. Testbook offers the promise of mock tests curated by experts. Candidates can also get their doubts cleared and receive their scores instantly after the test. So what are you waiting for? With the TSAT mock test  your preparation for the TET exam will be nothing short of perfect. 

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T-SAT Mock Test for TET SI and Constable Exams

What are the General Instructions:

1. The clock has been set at the server and the countdown timer at the top right corner of your screen will display the time remaining for you to complete the exam. When the clock runs out the exam ends by default you are not required to end or submit your exam.

2. The question palette at the right of screen show one of the following statuses of each of the questions numbered.

  RED ButtonYou have not answered the question

 GREEN Button You have answered the question

 YELLOW Button You have mark for preview

The marked for review status simply acts as a reminder that you have set to look at the question again. If a question marked for preview the answer will be considered in the final evaluation.

How to Navigating to a question:

3. To select a question to answer, you can do one of the following

a. Click on the question number on the question palette at the right of your screen to go that numbered question directly. Note that using this option does not save your answer to the correct question.

b. Click next to save answer to current question and go to the next question sequence.

c. Click on mark for review to save answer to current question, mark it for review and go to the next question in sequence.

How to Answer Questions:

4. For multiple choice type question you can do one of the following

a. To select your answer , click on the option buttons

b. To change your answer, click the another desired option button

c. To save your answer, you must click on Next

d. To deselect a chosen answer click on the Clear Response Button

e. To mark a question for review click on Mark for Review. If an answer is selected for a question that is marked for review, the answer will be considered in final evaluation.

5. To change an answer to question, first select the question and then click Clear response and select desired option followed by a click on the next button

6. Questions that are saved or marked for review after answering will only be considered for evaluation.

How to Navigate through Sections:

7. Sections in this question paper are displayed on the lower bar of the screen. Questions in a section can be viewed by clicking on the section name. The section you are currently viewing as highlighted.

8. After clicking next button on the last question for a section, you will automatically be taken to the first question of the next section.

9. You can move the mouse cursor over the section names to view the status of the questions for that section.

10. You can shuffle between sections and questions anytime during the examination as per your convenience.