Sunday, May 30, 2021

Request for Reprint of PAN Card to NSDL - Know the Process How to submit Application Online

Request for Reprint of PAN Card to NSDL - Know the Process How to submit Application Online 

Lost your PAN Card or Damaged? Most of the time, Indians apply for a duplicate PAN card in the case of loss of the card. Some times PAN Card may be misplaced and unable to get back. PAN Card may lost along with the wallet sometimes. In other cases, the card might get stolen or damaged. There is a tedious process to apply for a duplicate PAN card which requires filing an FIR.

PAN Card also very important as KYC document at all banks. It is the document to have physically always by the holder with him/her in their wallet always.Once you file the FIR, a request must be raised by the applicant for the reprint of the card by providing the old PAN and a copy of the FIR. However, due to the time taken for this procedure, most people opt to re-apply for a new PAN Card. A duplicate PAN or reprinting of the card can be requested by the applicant in some specific cases on account of damages. In such cases, the PAN does not change and only a new card is issued.

a) .  PAN applicants can now apply for Reprint of PAN card directly through this UTIITSL's website only when there is no change in PAN data.

b). This facility is available for the users where in PAN application processed and PAN card is dispatched through UTIITSL or PAN is obtained using Instant e-PAN facility through Income Tax Department.

c).  To avail this facility, the applicants need to apply and pay by making an online fee payment of Rs.50.00 (inclusive of taxes) for delivery to an Indian address OR of Rs.959.00 (inclusive of taxes) for delivery to a foreign address, as per their communication address updated with latest records.

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Follow the below given process  for individual, who have lost/ damaged their PAN Card, to request for Reprint of PAN card to @NSDL
  1. Visit NSDL website :
  2. Enter your PAN Number.
  3. Enter your Aadhaar Number.
  4. Enter your Date of Birth ( Only Month and year ).
  5. Accept the Terms and conditions.
  6. Enter the Captcha code and Click on Submit.
  7. Then Your details will be Displayed.
  8. Click on Mobile number, Accept Terms and conditions again.
  9. Click on Generate OTP.
  10. An OTP will be sent to your Registered Mobile Number, Enter the OTP and Click on Validate.
  11. Select Payment Mode and Accept Terms and Conditions and Click on Proceed to Payment.
  12. Click on Pay Confirm
  13. Pay the Fee Rs. 50/- Online using Internet Banking/ Debit Card/Credit Card.
  14. After the payment of the amount Rs.50/- details will be displayed.
  15. Then click on Continue.
  16. Finally Click On Generate and Print Acknowledgement for future reference.