Tuesday, November 24, 2020

tsec.gov.in Online Application for Postal Ballot for GHMC Elections 2020

GHMC polls: Postal Ballot facility available for COVID-19 patients, senior citizens
Apart from PwDs, those aged 80 and above and Covid-positive persons are eligible for postal ballots To make ensure that every person casts his or her vote the Telangana State Election Commission TSEC has given chance to the disabled persons who are physically handicapped  to opt for postal ballot. Not only PwDs the persons who are of 80 years and above and covid positive persons are eligible for postal ballots.
How to Apply Online for Postal Ballot for GHMC Elections 2020 @tsec.gov.in
Mostly, the postal ballots are provided to certain voters, service personnel and their wives, persons who are under preventive detention and persons who are on election duty.But this time due to covid 19 situations an elector who comes under the above mentioned categories can apply for a postal ballot through an application form physically or through official website tsec.gov.in of Telangana State Election Commission using postal ballot management module system to the concerned ward Returning Officer How to Apply Online for Postal Ballot for GHMC Elections 2020 @tsec.gov.in

Process to Apply for Postal Ballet
*For those who have tested and have been found as coronavirus positive after November 1 have to enclose recent medical test certificate in addition to self-attested Aadhar/EPIC Card/passport along with application form.
*In case of PwD voters, they have to enclose their disability certificate issued by a competent authority in addition to their self-attested Aadhar / EPIC/ passport having photograph as address proof.
If an elector of above categories has opted for postal ballot and once a postal ballot is issued to him/her, he/she has to cast a vote through postal ballot only.
*‘The elector has to apply at least seven days prior to the day of the poll. After scrutiny of FORM-XXII-A and enclosures, the Returning Officer will send the Postal 
Ballot by post to the eligible voters for the address mentioned in address proof attached to the form,’ the rules state
*After applying for the postal ballot, the elector would receive a sealed packet sent by RO, containing postal ballot paper, declaration in Form — XXVI-A, smaller cover marked 'A' (Form-XXVII), larger cover marked 'B' (Form-XXVIII) and instructions for the guidance of voters.
User Manual on Process to Apply Online
పోస్టల్‌ బ్యాలెట్‌కు దరఖాస్తు చేసుకోండి..
కరోనా నేపథ్యంలో జీహెచ్‌ఎంసీ ఎన్నికల్లో పోస్టల్‌ బ్యాలెట్‌ సదుపాయం కల్పించారు. 80 ఏళ్లు దాటిన ఓటర్లు, దివ్యాంగులు, నవంబర్‌ 1 తర్వాత కొవిడ్‌ పాజిటివ్‌గా నిర్ధారణ అయిన వారు పోస్టల్‌ బ్యాలెట్‌ కోసం  www.tsec.gov.in వెబ్‌సైట్‌లో దరఖాస్తు చేసుకోవాలని ఎన్నికల అధికారి డీఎస్‌ లోకే్‌షకుమార్‌ సూచించారు. పోస్టల్‌ బ్యాలెట్లను వారి చిరునామాలకు పంపిస్తామని చెప్పారు.
Postal Ballot
Online Application for Postal ballot for GHMC Elections 2020 User Manual