Monday, 28 September 2020

School Detail Report on Digital Classes Download Proforma

School Detail Report on Digital Classes Download Proforma
TS School Students SCERT Online Digital Classes  will be started from 1st September, 2020 by Telangana School Education Department on various Digital/TV/T-SAT Vidya platforms in all schools as part of e-learning and distance education.This year due to covid 19 pandemic situation all the educational institutions and Schools are being closed, But recently the department of education planned to conduct digital classes as per the syllabus of every subject.The digital classes would be telecasted through Doordarshan-Yadagiri and T-SAT VIdya  Network channels- Vidya and Nipuna for about two hours twice a day.The subject wise digital content would also be made available on the YouTube channel of the department.
School Detail Report Proforma  on Digital Classes Download
Not only that the subject experts of the SCERT Department has developed work sheets relavent to the digital classes. The work sheets contains Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 is all about the recaptulisation of the previous class content where as Level 2 contains the worksheets related to the present class topics. Daily the teachers inform the students about the digital classes time schedule and the platforms where they will be broad casted.After the Online digital class the teacher issues the worksheets to students through whatsapp or any through any other social media which is comfortable to them. and the students have to write the responses to the given worksheets refering  to the textbooks which was given by the school to them. The students have  to contact the teacher on a call or meet personally if they have any doubts regarding the topics with the prior permission of their parents. The teachers also are visiting the students houses to check the students whether they are watching the classes and solving the worksheets given to them.
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This all work what the teachers are doing like noting down the attendence of the students listening the calsses ,completing of the worksheets by the students , correcting their response sheets everything should be maintained in teachers personal note book. This has to be cross checked by the Head Master and has to maintain School Detail Report on Digital Classes. Therefore here we are providing a proforma which is very useful for Teachers as well as the HMs on what details they have to maintain the record and keep the record ready to show in case of any higher authority comes for supervision. To download the profroma just click on the link which is given at the bottom left corner of this page.
School Detail Report on Digital Classes Download Proforma

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