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SCERT Online Digital Classes Day Wise Subject wise Practice Work Sheets Download

SCERT Online Digital Classes Day Wise Subject wise  Practice Work Sheets Download

Hello Everyone....Thankyou for visiting this page. In this page we are going to provide SCERT Online Digital Classes Day Wise Subject wise  Practice Work Sheets. From 01-09 - 2020 The Government of Telangana has decided to broadcast Online Digital Classes to students through DD Yadagiri and TSAT Channels. This initiation is due to this pandamic period of COVID 19. Is is not so easy to run the schools in this period. There fore this SCERT Online Digital Classes plays very important role make the children not to forget the studies. At least they will have some touch to their education with these SCERT Online Digital Classes. The teachers are playing a very key role in making the students listen to these classes by collecting their parnets phone numbers and interacting with them, informing them the timetable  or schedule of the online classes and also informing about the channels in which they are going to be broadcasted, making these SCERT Online Digital Classes reach the students.
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Only listening to SCERT Online Digital Classes does not play a vital role in the students education teaching learning process, but the students have to work on the concepts what they were taught. Therefore the SCERT Telangana has also provided worksheets for them. The students have to listen to the SCERT Online Digital Classes and have to practice the worksheets related to the lessons they have listened in the channels. As it is becoming to the teachers to find out related woksheets according to the online digital classes, finding out this problem we have sorted out in seperating the day wise worksheets and arrraging them in the drives to make the teachers feel very easy to download. Not only that the teachers who are finding difficulty in finding the worksheets in the subject pdf they can listen to the online digital class and can make their own workshhets related to the topic and can send the same to the students through whatsapp. 
SCERT Online Digital Classes Day Wise Subject wise Practice Work Sheets Download తేది 01-09 - 2020 రోజున ప్రసారం కాబడిన తెలుగు పాఠాలకు సంబంధించిన కృత్య పత్రాలు(work sheets)..( 6వ తరగతి నుండి 10వ తరగతి వరకు)/2020/09/TS-SCERT-Online-Digital-Classes-Day-Wise-Subject-wise-Practice-Work-Sheets-Download.html

For this here in this page we are providing SCERT Online  Digital Classes Day Wise Subject wise  Practice Work Sheets to Download
Click Here to Download Class wise , Day Wise Work sheets 

Download Day 2 Practice Work Sheets 
Download Day 3 Practice Work Shhets
Download Day 4 Practice Work Sheets
Download Day 5 Practice Work Sheets
Download Day 6 Practice Work Sheets
 Download 09.10.2020 Work Sheets Here
SCERT Day 1 Work Sheets Download
Class 6       Tel   Hindi   Eng     Maths  Science      Social 
Class 7       Tel   Hindi   Eng     Maths  Science      Social 
Class 8       Tel   Hindi  Eng     Maths    Phy  Bio   Social
Class 9       Tel   Hindi  Eng     Maths    Phy  Bio   Social
Class 10     Tel   Hindi  Eng     Maths    Phy  Bio   Social

Primary Classes Day wise Work Sheets Download
Class 5      Telugu    English      Maths    EVS
Class 4     Telugu    English      Maths    EVS
CLass 3    Telugu    English      Maths    EVS
Class 2       Telugu       English        Maths

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