Saturday, April 27, 2024

How to Learn English through movies?

 How to Learn English through movies?

1. Choose the Right Movies: 

Start with movies that match your current English  level. I highly recommend you to start with animations at first. Most importantly, watch movies with English subtitles!

How to Learn English through movies?

2. Active Watching:

Pay close attention to the dialogue, expressions, and pronunciation. Pause and repeat scenes to understand difficult parts.

3. Note Taking: 

Jot down new words, phrases, or expressions you encounter. Look them up later and try to use them in your own sentences.

4. Repeat Dialogues: 

Practise speaking along with the characters to improve your pronunciation and intonation.

5. Discuss

After watching, discuss the movie with friends or language partners. Share your thoughts and opinions in English.

6. Watch with English Subtitles: 

As you become more comfortable, switch to English subtitles to improve your reading skills while listening to the dialogue.

7. Watch a Variety of Genres: 

Explore different genres to expose yourself to various accents, vocabulary, and cultural contexts.

8. Consistency is Key: 

Make watching English movies a regular part of your language learning routine to see continuous improvement.

M. Ram Pradeep