Sunday, July 9, 2023

FLN Foundational Literacy and Numeracy-English Language-Pedagogical Teaching steps to teach English Textbooks

FLN Foundational Literacy and Numeracy-English Language Teaching - Discourse Orientated Pedagogy -Pedagogical Teaching  steps to teach  English Textbooks

 Class 5 Karate Kitten Unit Transaction is prepared by Dan Arnold, a Resource Person , Ranga Reddy District. This is a wonderful Video which gives a clear idea on the steps followed during transacting a unit . Here in this Unit Mr. Dan Arnold has given a clear idea on how to transact   Face Sheet,  A-Reading and How to Construct a dIscourse and How to Edit it.

Most of the Primary teachers face very difficulty in transacting   A-Reading. that is how to transact a slot which means a part of the lesson and make the students read that paragraph or slot with comprehension. Here in this Video we find a clear idea on how to transact A-Reading and make the children read the para with comprehension. 

One more difficult task for the teachers is how to construct a Discourse, it may be a Description, Conversation, story etc ) oral or written and how to edit it.Mr Dan has taken all pains to give all teachers a clear idea of this. If all teahers adopt  this method of teaching  that is this Discourse Oriented Pedagogy in our teaching learning process TLP, we definitely make this Foundational Literacy and Numeracy Programme very successful in our Telangana State. 

Hope this video will be very useful for you in you teaching learning process . If you find it very useful kindly do share to your friend teachers .


1.Face Sheet

2. Listening Test (Appendix-1)


3. A-Reading

Post Reading

4. Discourse Construction 

5. Discourse Editing

 Textual Excercises

 B-Reading (Poems/Rhymes/Short Stories

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