Thursday, June 29, 2023

English Reading Cards PDF Download

English Reading Cards PDF Download

Hello Teachers ..welcome to the website. First of all I would like to convey my thanks to all of you for visiting this page. We paatashaala team will be always at your service to update information regarding education department and upload the materials regarding the information. On this regard we updated that recently on 26th of June The Education Department has started the READING campaign in all  the Government Schools from classes 1st to 10th . In this programme all the students must be given 10 minutes of oral drilling and they should be asked to read story books for 20 mins in every language class.  By the end of July the teachers have to see that all the  students should try to read, and the children should inculcate the habit of reading and enjoying the books. In this regard we are providing here English Reading Cards PDF written by Lalitha Budarapu , SGT from Andhra Pradesh for level 1 students . This PDF contains 142 pages with Telugu and English content with simple sentences and this PDF is very useful for children.

English Reading Cards PDF Download

English Reading Cards PDF Download

And there is also one more English Reading Cards PDF. This English Reading Cards PDF is prepared by P. Manohar Naidu Sir. This English Reading Cards PDF is very colourful with 24 pages with very simple text, very attractive to students. By seeing this English Reading Cards PDF students feel very happy as they are very colourful. Teachers can take printout of these pdfs and can make use of them during their regular periods to make the children read.

Here in this page keeping the need of students and teachers for this Reading Month we are also uploading with different material like Short Vowel sounds for beginners Level 1 students and Introducing Sentences for Level 2 students and Short Stories to Level 3 Students.. If they start reading and complete reading all these materials it would be very easy for them to read their Textbook contents. 

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English Reading Cards PDF

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