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Work Book in English Telugu Maths and EVS for 4th Class Download

Work Book in English Telugu Maths and EVS for 4th Class Download

సిలబస్ కంప్లీట్ అయిన నేపథ్యంలో విద్యార్థులచే ప్రాక్టీస్ చేయించడానికి.అభ్యాస దీపికలు/ వర్క్ బుక్స్

పి. వేణుగోపాల్ అనంతపురం జిల్లా గారు రూపొందించిన 3వ తరగతి అభ్యాస దీపికలు/వర్క్ బుక్స్ ప్రింట్ తీసి ఉపయోగించు కోవడానికి వీలుగా...

4th Class Telugu, English, Maths and EVS Work Book - Abhyaasa deepika' Prepared by P.Venu Gopal M.P.P.School P. Kothapalli Bukkaraya Samudram Mandal, Ananthapuram.

Work Book in English Telugu Maths and EVC for 4th Class Download /2020/03/work-book-in-english-telugu-maths-and.html

Workbooks are oftern used in schools for younger students, wither in middle scholls or in elementary school. They are favoured because students can work directly in their books, eliminating the need for looseleaf and copying questions from a text book. In industry, they may be customized interactive manuals which are used to help to provide structure to an otherwise complex problem.

Workbooks also hold anadvantage because they are usually smaller and lighter than textbooks, which equates to less trouble when the students brings the book home to complete their homework.

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Download 4th class -Telugu-Abhyaasa Deepika
Download 4th class-English-Work Book
Download 4th class Maths-Abhyaasa deepika
Download 4th class-EVS-Abhyaasa deepika

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