Thursday, March 26, 2020

For parents and adults *కాలక్షేపం కోసం.. మంచి మంచి కథలు ఉన్నాయి..* *మీ పిల్లలకు వినిపించండి.*

For parents and adults కాలక్షేపం కోసం.. మంచి మంచి కథలు ఉన్నాయి..మీ పిల్లలకు వినిపించండి.
An example of mystic India, Panchatantra tales are the oldest surviving stories of mankind, surviving for centuries, from mouth to mouth, before they were documented. You will love the lucid pace of the stories, and they always make for great bedtime or story telling sessions. Share them will all story lovers, and let them enjoy the light, enchanting life of the stories. These Indian panchatantra stories are translated into simple English, and thus they serve as great material for short Indian stories for children. Ancient fables, still relevant for today's hi tech lifestyle

For parents and adults *కాలక్షేపం కోసం.. మంచి మంచి కథలు ఉన్నాయి..* *మీ పిల్లలకు వినిపించండి.*/2020/03/for-parents-and-adults-how-to-engage-children-at-home-with-games-stories-activities.html

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They are actually documented versions of oral stories that ran across generations before. Even today, they are favored stories across India and other parts of the world. We are proud to bring you a collection of the most popular Panchatantra stories to you, for they are loved by adults and kids alike. They give the kids an early footing onto moral and social values, shaping the young minds into an ethical future. Most of the stories come with videos after the text, to provide you with an all round experience. Enjoy them, with your kids, and share them with everyone, and help build a more beautiful world.

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