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How to Submit the OMR-Online Medical Reimbursement Application

How to Submit the OMR-Online Medical Reimbursement Application

How to Submit the OMR-Online Medical Reimbursement Application/2020/02/

Step 1: visit the CDSE School Education Telangana Official Website:
Step 2: Go to the Online Services in the Menu Section and click on the Medical Reimbursement(MR) Link
Step 3: A New MR Web page will be opened. like,
Step 4: Select the Medical Reimbursement (MR) Form
Step5: In this Web page, Enter your 7 Digit Employee Treasury ID and click on the Next button
Step 6: OTP will be received to your Registered Mobile Number. Then, enter the OTP and Click On Go button
Step7: Now, An OMR Web Application will be opened. In this page, Employee personal details like working place will be displayed automatically
Step8: Enter the Employee Other personal details like Name, Treasury ID, DOB, Mobile Number, ATO/STO/PAO
Step9: Enter the Employee address details

Step10: Enter the Patient details like, Relation with employee, Patient Name, Patient DOB, Nature of Disease, Date of Admission, Date of Discharge
Step11: Enter Total Amount to be claimed
Step12: Enter Hospital details like District, Hospital Name, Date of recognition  from, Date of Recognition to, Bill Number, Bill Date.
Step13: Employee should attach the required scan copies of Emergency Certificate, Essential Certificate, Discharge Summary, Appendix II, Declaration of dependence, Non-drawl declaration, Medical Bills, Abstract of Bills, Pension payment order, Genuinity Certificate, Hospital Recognition copy, Other supporting documents.
Step14: Finally, Click on Submit button to submit the OMR Application
Step15: An Acknowledgement/Reference number will be displayed after submission of the OMR application ( This Number useful to  track the status of our OMR Online Medical Reimbursement application)

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OMR-Online Medical Reimbursement Application