Friday, February 21, 2020

Class 1 English FLN - Class Room Teaching Learning Process in Telugu DownloafdPDF

Class 1 English FLN - Class Room Teaching Learning Process in Telugu Download PDF
Here we are uploading with the pdf which contains the information on how to transact the unit in class 1 in Telugu. Everything was given elaborately like from facesheet to the last page in how to make the children to learn 4 alphabet after every lesson.
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Class 1 English FLN - Wondering How to Develop Reading Fluency, Here is the beginning | Classroom TV | The beginning for Oral Reading Fluency for Class 1

A Big surprise Reading Process Watch Video Here

Thankyou Ramani for this Excellent Video. It is very Helpful for all the Primary English Teachers

The Boy and the Catapult III - Class 4 English : Reading Process 

English Classroom Activities - Reading Process - The Boy and the Catapult III - Class 4/Detailed process of reading that would help the child to develop reading skills/how an interaction prior to reading will help the child to counter the new vocabulary and support the child's reading

Reading process in detail:

After the preliminary listening and speaking activities using the facesheet picture and the narrative given in the appendix, the facilitator has already elicited the theme from the students i.e., showing empathy towards birds and animals.

Reading Process: The Boy and the Catapult.
1. The facilitator interacts with the picture given. Elicits key words and expressions that would reoccur in the reading text and write them on the board, slowly...pronouncing each word syllable wise...

2. The facilitator gives good exposure and introduces the new words with the help of the picture so that this interaction would help the child to comprehend the text.

3. Individual reading... The facilitator gives instructions to the children how to read the text individually.

4. Individual reading followed by group reading where the students share their reading experience and the teacher further helps them to comprehend using the glossary and a few interactive questions.
5. Scaffolding: Asking questions to further comprehend the text and then, apply the knowledge to answer the questions that go beyond the text...
6. Loud reading by the teacher
7. Reading aloud by the students (a few of them).