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TS TET TS Teachers Eligibility Test 2019 Online Coaching , Study Material Praparation Strategy Download

TS TET Exam Study material, Online Classes, Preparation Strategy

Attending competitive exams is the most challenging thing for any candidate; however, it is unavoidable too. It helps to get one’s desired job. Therefore, it can be said that exams have significant advantages rather than making you nervous. This article is written to increase your confidence as well as make you aware of the possible details of TS TET Online Classes by Achievers Academy’s portal you should know before reaching to the examination hall. Let’s start the

TS TET Exam Study material, Online Classes, Preparation Strategy/2019/07/

TS TET Notification 2019

TS TET Notification is going to be released tentatively during the last week of July, 2019 or 1 st week of August 2019 through online mode. The exact dates will be announced soon by Telangana State Education Board.

TS TET Exam Details and Pattern:

The exam pattern follows the below-stated Points:

  1. There will be 150 MCQs
  2.  Each question carries one mark.
  3.  The examination time will be 150 minutes.
  4. Exam will be conducted online for the first time

TS TET Latest Syllabus, which You have to Read:
TS TET Exam is mandatory to those candidates who are trying to seek jobs in Telangana State Government Schools.

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TS TET Latest Syllabus, which You have to Read:

TS TET Exam is mandatory to those candidates who are trying to seek jobs in Telangana State Government Schools. The curriculum of this exam will be based on Child Development & Pedagogy, Languages, Mathematics & Environmental Studies in Paper -I
Paper - I:
This section will follow the below-stated topics, like-

  1.  Child Development & Pedagogy – 30 Marks
  2.  Language I – 30 Marks
  3.  English – 30 Marks
  4. Mathematics – 30 Marks
  5.  Environmental Studies – 30 Marks

Paper - II:

  1. In Paper - II, you have to read the following subjects thoroughly.
  2.  Child Development & Pedagogy - – 30 Marks
  3.  Language – 30 Marks
  4.  English – 30 Marks
  5.  Mathematics & Science (For Maths & Science Teachers) – 60 Marks
  6. Social Studies (Only for Social Studies Teacher) – 60 Marks

How to Study: TET Online Coaching or Study Material, which will be better?

Online coaching classes are trending a lot these days, and if you are struggling to choose between these two methods then let’s clear the fact that both these options have their advantages as well as disadvantages. If you want to enjoy the benefit of having a personal guide then online coaching is suitable for you, on the other hand, if you prefer to use hard copies of your study material then buying it from a trustworthy supplier will sort your requirement.

Details of the Mock Test:

Like online coaching guidance and study material, you can also apply for the mock test through online mode. There are various websites like Achievers Academy’s which provide TS TET Online Mock Tests, which have the system of it. Just search it on Google and log in for further information.

How to be Prepared for the Examination:

The preparation of the examination includes multiple essential factors to be checked. Among all the important factors, knowing the syllabus clearly, reading the right study material are the most important and unavoidable for all the aspirants who are preparing for this exam. The syllabus is already mentioned above and now coming to the point of study material.

To be very clear, getting the right study note is not a cup of tea. Candidates have to be careful enough about the material they are choosing. Remember, these pieces of papers will dominate the exam result significantly.

In the below-stated points, some practical tips to get the best suitable material for you will be discussed, hence, continue your reading—

Is it easy to Understand and Memorize?

If you ask any of your friend that what makes their study time annoying, then surely the answer will be memorizing the lengthy notes. The number of pupils who are struggling with this issue is countless. Befitting with that fact, here is the best tip to learn notes, which is choosing an easy-to-understand material. You can also mix the note from your text books that will be more useful to help you in achieving a high score or visit Achievers Academy for effective study materials.

Does it have all the Previous Years’ Questions and answers?

Do you ever heard from your elders about the significance of previous years’ question answers? If you have not heard about this, then make yourself comfortable with it. When you are buying a material, make sure that it includes all the references of the previous years’ questions.

In addition, learning these will help you to be confident about the possible types of questions as well as topics. Therefore, do not overlook the past references, study them first and choose a study note provider who emphasizes on that matter.

Is the Provider Reliable?

As the education field is quite booming, there are many fraud people, who are expert in making people fool. When the matter is about your future, a single mistake can cost your career. It is your province to select the best supplier who values your career as you do. The best way to get reliable education note suppliers depends on some factors, like- asking for a recommendation, search on Google, discuss with your teacher, and search for the reputation of the providers and so on.

  1.  You can ask your senior friends who have passed the exam already. They will be able to guide you adequately as they have gone through the preparation.
  2. Since Google has entered the market, things are changed completely. It is super easy to ask anything on Google. The good news is you can use this giant search engine for your purpose too. To start your research work, type the right keyword on the search bar, and within seconds you will be powered with tons of results. Always choose an option, which is having a good remark from the users and Google as well.
  3. Discussing with your teacher is another option to find the top suppliers near your location. As they are associated with the field for years, they are efficient in making any suggestion regarding the study.

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Is it Reasonable at Price?

Pricy things are not always the best. Yes, the same thing goes for your study material as well. To have a great deal on it, research work is needed. Do not feel tired to find a reasonable option.
And when you are searching for the affordable supplier, compare the content and its quality, as a low- quality note will not be useful for higher scoring.

Search on Quora:

After Google, another important option is Quora. In this portal, various skilled people have their profile, and you can also contact with organizations through it. To start your question-answer journey, opening your account on Quora is the first and foremost activity and then you are good to ask your queries to your targeted followers. If you are puzzling yourself by thinking about how to use it, then here are the steps—

  1.  Download the app and sign in with your Google account.
  2.  Fill up the credentials, and you can set your profile picture as well.
  3.  Now type your query related to TS TET Exam and set your followers to answer the question.

Opt for the Free Stuff:

As mentioned earlier that Google has changed the entire field of education, you can download multiple textbooks, references, materials at free of cost. Therefore, always have these as your back up support in case you need more to know about the subject.

Connect to the Forums:

Connecting to the people who are already associated with the domain that you are planning to choose as your career will help you in many ways. You can ask your queries to them and follow their activities to test the water for your own support. In addition, if you got SMEs (Subject Matter Expert), then you willbe the luckiest person, as they are the chief lead to have all the possible details of the exam. Hence, concentrate on your connection, choose the list wisely.

I hope this article is fruitful in reaching its purpose. Use the guidelines as mentioned earlier wisely and go through all the details to score high. Best wishes for your exam!

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