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TS TET Preparation Tips 2023 – How to Prepare for Telangana TET Examination in Less Time

TS TET Preparation: How to score marks in TET in less time?

On the first of this month, the Telangana state govt. published the TET Notice. Online applications are accepted until August 16. The TET Test will take place on September 15. On the 27th day of the same month, the results will be announced. This this, the procedure will go more quickly. The time between the notice and the exam is only one and half a months. As a result, applicants should have a clear comprehension of the material and a well-thought out preparation strategy before taking the exam. 

The right to Education Act 2009 mandates that anyone who choose to pursue a career as a teacher must pass the TET. You must pass Paper 1 if you want to teach 1st to 5th grade, and Paper 2 if you want to teach 6th to 8th grade. Only TET graduates are eligible to take the TRT (Teacher Recruitment Test). Since TET scores account for 20% of the final TRT score, they are quite important for selection. So dont restrict yourself to simplify TET qualification. Aim for excellent grades.

The Telugu choice in Language 1, which is present in both TET examinations, is crucial. 30 multiple-choice questions of 30 marks each are included in the 150 mark TET exam. If you study Telangana Literature, Culture, Vocabulary, Grammar, Teaching Methods, Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation with comprehension and planning, it is simple to get 30 out of 30 points. Telugu preparation for both examinations may be finished concurrently by using the same curriculum. The Telugu Textbooks for grades 1 to 10th class created by the Telangana State Govt. in 2015 should be read in its entirely.

Reading Comprehension

The candidate's reading comprehension and reaction capabilities to questions about poetry, texts, prose, etc. will be tested. The questions are designed to represent the casual connection. The solutions to these questions are simple to obtain if you carefully read the poetry or prose on the test. It is important to look at the prose, poetry, question types in the previous TET question papers. Reading certain poems and prose from textbooks and asking questions might improve reading comprehension.

Ancient and Modern Literature and Culture of Telangana

This section will include questions to gauge your topic expertise. Therefore, the subject itself has to be prepared. The sections on Telangana poets and authors, literary genres, centuries, the arts, artists, holidays, sports, and songs, among others, should be read in order in Telugu textbook lessons. The whole content of the textbook should be listed in tabular format. In that table, the poet's or author's name, works, accolades, writing style, name of the method, and essential ideas from the book should all be listed. It is recommended to read independently any poets or writers not mentioned in textbooks. For this, Telangana Sahitya History and Telugu Sahitya History texts are useful.


Your vocabulary will be put to the test with questions on Telangana Vocabulary, Meanings, Synonyms, Antonyms, Etymology, Prakriti-Vikriti, Nationalities, Proverbs, and Tales, among other topics. Each class's textbook comes with a post knowledge in the conclusion. Reading Telangana Vocabulary, Meanings, Synonyms, Antonyms, Etymology, Prakriti-Vikrutti all kinds of vocabulary pages at one location can help you fully grasp the vocabulary. The Telangana vocabulary and its meanings in the pertinent literature deserve special attention. The proverbs, nationalities, and short tales in the textbooks should all be noted in a separate notebook.


United States; Parushas, Saralas, Vargayukkus, Anunasikas, Ooshmas, Dvitva; Sentences, phrases, verses, tenses, inflections, suffixes, punctuation, conjunctions, and exclamation points make up syntax; The differences between disciplinary, interrogative, doubtful, permissive, and prohibitive sentences, as well as direct and indirect sentences, kartari and karmani sentences, and interpretations in Telugu, Sanskrit, and other languages should also be learned. No class should study a textbook that contains all of these components. The division of grammar subjects in textbooks should be done by topic. Separate notes on related language themes should be written in each grade's textbook for the "do these" tasks that are provided at the conclusion of each session. to allow for characteristic understanding of the grammar. Furthermore, preparation takes less time to complete.

Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation

'Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation' has been implemented in accordance with RTE-2009 to help pupils grow in their physical, mental, moral, and cognitive capacities. The main components of continuous comprehensive evaluation (CCE) are to identify learning gaps and make corrections, giving equal weight to curricular and non-curricular aspects, and monitoring students' progress both inside and outside of the classroom rather than limiting it to unit and terminal examinations. Concepts, evidence, and evaluation techniques are understood by TET candidates C.C.E. Aspects of record management, CCE implementation indicators, and formative evaluation should also be researched. To have a solid grasp of assessment practises prior to entering the teaching profession is the major goal of this unit. As a result, the exam questions' nature will be.

Teaching Methods

Candidates must have studied Telugu teaching techniques as part of their D.Ed. or B.Ed. curriculum. Keeping in mind the following points will make scoring marks in this part simple. The key ideas relating to nature and classroom application chapters should be written and read in the form of notes. Language, mother tongue-teaching objectives, language-various concepts.

Grade level-specific learning objectives, language proficiency requirements, and classroom applications are all included. The skills that students should possess by the time they finish the corresponding lessons are described in the textbooks. Study them. The D.Ed./B.Ed. syllabus should be reviewed in combination with the textbooks if it relates to instructional strategies, planning, resource utilisation, extracurricular activities, teaching and learning tools, etc.

TS TET Preparation Tips 2023 – How to Prepare for Telangana TET Examination

Tips on how to prepare for TS TET Exam 2023 ? ( Telangana State Teacher Eligibility Test) | How to  start the preparation for TS TET exam?

TS TET The Telangana State Teacher Eligibility Test is abbreviated as TS TET and the managing authority of TSTET is Department of School Education, Government of Telangana State This test is conducted to recruit the applicants for the teacher job in the government schools of Telangana State.

To be selected as a teacher in the schools of Telangana State, applicants must have to score qualified marks in the examination. Here, through this article, applicants will know the detailed information of Telangana State Teacher Eligibility Test (TSTET) in which includes TSTET Preparation Tips.

TS TET Preparation Tips 2023 – How to Prepare for Telangana TET Examination in Less Time
TS TET Preparation Tips 2023 – How to Prepare for Telangana TET Examination

TS TET 2023 to be conducted through online mode this year. An Official notification would be released  in July 2023 and TS TET Exam to be conducted in July 2023 for B.Ed and D.Ed Course completed candidates . When notification will be out, Online applictions would be invited from the eligible candidates who intend to be teachers for classes I to VIII in schools in Telangana State for appearance in the Telangana Teacher Eligibility Test(TS TET 2023) to be conducted by Department of School Education , Government of Telangana State in all 31 Districts of the state. Here, we are providing Tips on How to Prepare for TS TET Exam 2023?

TSTET Preparation Tips

Applicants will be able to score qualified marks in the examination by preferring the preparation tips. It will help them to how to start and what to prepare details. The preparation tips are very helpful for the candidates to obtain good marks and the preparation tips mentioned below.

  1. First of all, for the better preparation of examination, candidates should have to prefer the TSTET Syllabus & TS TET Examination pattern. The applicants will be able to know the complete structure of question paper and all the topics by using the exam pattern and syllabus.
  2. Applicants must have to make the list of topics to do the preparation for examination and it will be very helpful for the candidates to with proper plan.
  3. On the basis of the marking scheme, applicants must have to give importance to the concepts while making preparation schedule.
  4. It is necessary for the candidates to make a schedule of study in the daily process
  5. Candidates should have to prepare all the topics
  6. If applicants have made short notes, they must have to revise all the topics and subject
  7. It will be very helpful for the candidates if they will solve the previous year question paper. By solving it, candidates will be able to understand all of the topics.
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TSTET Syllabus

Candidates should have to prefer the syllabus for the better preparation of examination. The syllabus will have all of the topics and subjects. The syllabus details mentioned below.

Telangana TET English Syllabus

Direct & Indirect Speech
Parts of Speech
Use of Phrases
Types of Sentences
Degree of Comparison
Error identification within a Sentence
Question & Question Tags
Active & Passive Voice
Correction of Sentences

Social Studies Telangana TET Syllabus 

Diversity on Earth
Social Organization
Religion & Society
Political System

Telangana TET Syllabus for Environment Studies

Work & Play
Our Food
My Family
Indian Constitution
History of India
Culture of India
Plants & Animal

TSTET Syllabus for Science

Our Universe
Natural Phenomena
Atomic Structure
Periodic Classification
Chemical Bonding
Living World
Plant World
Animal World

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TS TET TS Teachers Eligibility Test 2023 Online Coaching , Study Material Praparation Strategy