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TS POLYCET Syllabus,Exam Pattern

TS POLYCET  syllabus and Exam Pattern for TS POLYCET Exam 2023:

TS POLYCET is a Polytechnic Common Entrance Test conducted by State Board of Technical Education and Training Hyderabad for admission into diploma level programes conducted in government,aided,private unaided polytechnics and polytechnics run in existing private unaided engineering colleges. Every candidate have a desire of seeking admission into Engineering/non Engineering Diploma courses can apply through online for POLYCET-2022. There is no separate application form for admission is prescribed.The filled in application for POLYCET 2019 itself is an application for admission.

TS POLYCET 2019 Syllabus,Exam Pattern The questions paper consists of 120 questions with multiple choice questions for each question with only one correct response among them. The pattern proposed is as follows. Subjects : Number of Questions Physics : 30 Chemistry : 30 Mathematics : 60 Total 120 questions for 120 marks.
TS PolyCET Syllabus of Chemistry
The States of Matter Surface Chemistry Electrochemistry Redox Reactions Polymers Nuclear Chemistry Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium Phase equilibrium & Solutions Chemical Thermodynamics Basic Concepts in Organic Chemistry and Stereochemistry Organic compounds with the functional group containing nitrogen Chemical Kinetics Atomic Structure Chemistry in everyday life Urea and malonic ester Qualitative and quantitative analysis and purification of organic compounds Preparation, Properties, and Reactions of Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes Organic compounds with the functional group containing oxygen Reactions of Benzene and heterocyclic compounds Organic compounds with the functional group containing halogens Biomolecules – Carbohydrates, Protein, Vitamins, Nucleic Acid, Lipids, Hormones Reactions of a, b unsaturated carbonyl and acids Spectroscopy measurements including IR, UV, NMR (proton and carbon 13) Environmental Chemistry, etc.
TS PolyCET Syllabus of Physics
A structure of Atom
Chemical Bonding
Carbon & its Compounds
Classification of Elements
Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
Chemical Equations & Reactions
Acids, Bases & Salts
Refraction of Light at Plane Surface
Refraction of Light at Curved Surface
Human Eye & Colorful World
Reflection of Light
TS PolyCET Syllabus of Mathematics
Real Numbers
Number System
Quadratic Equations
Linear Equations
Coordinate Geometry
Surface Areas & Volume
Mathematical Modeling
The  question paper for common entrance test for admission into polytechnic consists of 120 questions.All questions are multiple choice type each question will have a stem and four answer noted Against as 1,2,3,and 4.out of these four only one answer is correct for given statement given in stem and other three are distractors . A Few sample questions of the type in all subjects are shown here. the stem both in Telugu and English the distractor are also given in both languages whenever necessary.All correct response(answer) to the questions must be entered by shading/darkening the circle/oval on the OMR response sheet provided separately for this purpose.
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