Monday, November 16, 2015

Teachers & Srudents Parents Mobile Updation in AP Schools

Teachers & Srudents Parents Mobile Updation in in AP Schools

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AP School Education Mobile Number Enter in Mobile Updation Parents and Teachers in Website Mobile Updation Parents &Teachers in Website Dear All,Kindly collect the student and teacher data from schools in the proforma attached and enter it online in the online form provided by 29-10-2015.

  1. Instructions for filling online form of Students Particulars and Aadhar Details

    Parent Mobile: Click on "Parent Mobile Number Updation" link available in the Parent Mobile link mentioned above.Select District, Mandal, Village, School and class from the drop downs provided.Click on submit Add or Edit the missing details in Aadhar Number, Father Name, Mother Name, Mobile Number and select yes/no from drop down for is parent part of school management committee.Also if you did not  find any Student name in the list click "add new child" and enter all the details.Click on Details Updated button below. Similar to Parent Mobile  follow the process but ensure that if the mobile number field is not editable don't enter that teacher details again by clicking add new teacher
    Note: Parent and teacher mobile numbers are mandatory. 
    Project  Monitoring Unit Commissioner of School Education Andhra Pradesh 040-23230880
    1. Parent Mobile :

       Click here

    2. Teacher Mobile:

      Click here 

  2. You can access the online forms you need to fill from the URLs mentioned below.
  3.  Teachers Mobile No Updation Click here

  4.  Students Mobile No Updation  Click here