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Rc .3215 Telangana SSA U-DISE Schedule and Guidelines


.3215 Telangana SSA U-DISE Schedule and Guidelines

#Rc.3215, Calender Of Activities, Guidelines on UDISE 2015-16, Certain Instructions on UDISE 2015-16,TSSA U-DISE Schedule and Guidelines, DCF, Proceedings Of The State Project Director, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan,Telangana, Hyderabad, Rc.No3215/SSA!MIS/T7/2015 Dated: 16-09-2015

TSSA, UDISE,Schedule

Subject: TSSA, Hyderabad- UDISE 2015-16 - Communication of Guidelines on UDISE 2015-16 - Certain instructions - Issued- Reg.

Reference:  F.No.NUEPA (EMIS-DISE data) 2015-16, Dt: 24.07.2015 from NUEPA, New Delhi

All the Project Officers of TSSA and District Educational Officers in the state are informed that, the schedule for collection of data for UDISE 2015-16 communicating vide reference read above for taking necessary action.

Accordingly, the guidelines for collection of UDISE 2015-16 data to the field level functionaries i.e., DyEOs / MEOs / CRPs/ Principals/ Head Masters and instructions to the Project Officers and District Educational Officers are herewith enclosed.

In view of the above, they are requested to take necessary action as per the schedule and guidelines so as to obtain correct and accurate data.

They are further informed that the HMs who submit the incorrect data and the field functionaries who scrutinize the data I persons who enter wrong data will be held responsible and action will be initiated against them for the errors found after submission of data when compared with the actual status in school.

Telangana Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
Sl. No.Item of workProposed schedule
1.Finalization of guidelines for Data Capture Format(DCF) and State Variables at SPO:10-09-15 to 11-09-15
2.Printing of UDISE training manuals at SPO:By 12-09-15
3.A 2-day Workshop for ASO, APOs and MIS & Planning Coordinators on generation of data for the year 2015-16 & printing of UDISE DCF with UDISE S/W:14-09-15 to 15-09-15
4.Convergence meeting with RMSA, TSREI, Tribal Welfare, Social Welfare, BC Welfare, Intermediate Education and Model schools officials:18-09-15
5.Video Conference with District Officials on UDISE 2015-16:19-09-15
6.Printing of DCF through UDISE S/W at district Project Offices:20-09-15 to 26-09-15
7.Conduct of convergence meeting with RMSA, TSREI, Tribal Welfare, Social Welfare, BC Welfare, Intermediate Education and Model schools officials at district level:28-09-15
8.One day district level training to mandal teams @ 3 from each mandal (1 MEO, 1 MIS Coordinator), PMRC incharges, Dy.EOs, RIOs, DVEOs - not more than 50 participants in each spell. Distribution of DCFs:29-09-15 to 30-09-15
9.One day mandal level training to HMs at Mandals /District level training to Principals of Junior Colleges by RIOs, DVEOs & Dy.EOs and Distribution of DCFs:01-10-15
10.Video Conference with POs, DEOs, MEOs, RIOs & DVEOs:03-10-15
11.Filling up of Data Capture Formats by school HMs:01-10-15 to 07-10-15
12.Scrutiny and cross checking of 100% Data Capture Formats at School Complex Level by School Complex HM and CRP:07-10-15 to 09-10-15
13.One day state level training to ASO/APOs on UDISE software for data entry @ 3 from each district (ASO & APOs working in O/o DPO &ASO working in O/o DEO):12-10-15 & 13-10-15
14.Scrutiny and cross checking of 25% Data Capture Formats by MRC level (MEO):13-10-15 & 17-10-15
15.Submission of data capture formats to District Project Office by MEOs as per Schedule:19-10-15 to 26-10-15
16.Scrutiny and cross checking of Data Capture Formats by district level – 5 schools from each mandal (all in different clusters) – District MIS Officer:19-10-15 to 26-10-15
17.Arrangement of at least 15 systems for data entry at district level:By 25-10-15
18.One day training to Mandal MIS Coordinator / data entry operators for data entry at District Headquarters on UDISE software and entry procedures:26-10-15
19.Data entry at the district level under the supervision of concerned MEOs / Mandal MIS Coordinators:27-10-15 to 05-11-15
20.Data consistency checking at district level:06-11-15 to 10-11-15
21.Sharing of UDISE report with MRC official before submission of data at state level by MIS Coordinator (report generation and sharing of school report cards):12-11-15 to 17-11-15
22.Removal of errors / discrepancies and printing of school report card:17-11-15 to 20-11-15
23.Submission of district data to State Project Office:21-11-15 to 26-11-15
24.District-wise data verification and merging into UDISE software at State Project Office:27-11-15 to 30-11-15
25.Data Consistency Checking at State Project Office:01-12-15 to 05-12-15
26.Distribution of school report cards to all CRCs and further distribution to all schools by MEOs and complex HMs:06-12-15 to 10-12-15
27.Sharing of UDISE report with district official before submission of data at National Level:12-12-15 to 15-12-15
28.Submission of data to NUEPA, EdCIL (TSG) & MHRD:18-12-15
29.Data analysis at district level:21-12-15
30.Publication of time series report and analytical report state level, district level, block and cluster wise:22-12-15 to 25-12-15
31.Data analysis by state (districts & block-wise):26-12-15
32.Printing of book let on educational statistics:By 31-12-15