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i-PASS 2024 : A Practice Book for SSC English Public Examinations March 2024 by ELTA Telangana

 i-PASS 2024 : A Practice Book for SSC English Public Examinations March 2024 by ELTA Telangana 

From Founder President of ELTA

Dear teachers of English, 

I extend my warm greetings to all the dedicated teachers of English who form the backbone  of our educational system. As the Founder President of ELTA (English Language Teachers'  Association), I take great pride in sharing our organization's primary mission—to enhance the  teaching abilities of English educators and elevate the English language proficiency of  students in Government schools. Throughout our journey, ELTA has undertaken numerous training programs for both teachers  and students. We have diligently produced a sound repository of educational materials  tailored to the evolving needs of our educational landscape. 

i-PASS 2024 : A Practice Book for SSC English Public Examinations March 2024 by ELTA Telangana

I am particularly pleased to highlight ELTA's pivotal role in championing the cause of  Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). We have consistently worked towards raising  awareness among English teachers regarding Formative and Summative Assessment  methods. Notably, our efforts have resulted in the creation of the highly successful practice  workbook, i-PASS, designed for students appearing in the SSC Public Examinations under  the previous question paper pattern.  

In keeping with our commitment to excellence, I am delighted to announce that the ELTA  core group has dedicated significant efforts to unveil a new workbook tailored to the latest  examination pattern. This publication is poised to offer invaluable practice opportunities for  students, empowering them to achieve the highest grades in the English subject.  I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the ELTA state organizers for undertaking this  challenging endeavor, and my sincere appreciation to all the contributors who have worked  relentlessly to produce this exceptional study material. To all the SSC students diligently  preparing for the upcoming Public Examinations, I convey my best wishes for success. 

With warm regards, 


Founder President of ELTA

Dear esteemed members of ELTA and students, 

Embarking on the journey through the SSC public examination marks a significant milestone  in the lives of school children. This examination serves as the gateway to a world of  opportunities and choices, setting the stage for their future endeavors. In the evolving  landscape of the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system, particularly in the  domain of English, the emphasis on practical application over rote memorization has become  paramount. 

The recent changes in the question paper pattern, the amalgamation of two papers into one,  and the introduction of study skills for the first time have underscored the need for extensive  practice aligned with the revised format. Notably, the shift in the short answer type questions,  now requiring responses in three to four lines, demands a nuanced approach to teaching and  learning. 

In light of these transformations, it becomes imperative for educators to provide ample  practice opportunities to students. Recognizing the challenges faced by teachers in creating  ideal practice materials, the ELTA takes pride in presenting the "i-Pass-5 (i-PASS 2024)” practice book. Building on the success of our previous issues, namely i-PASS 1, 2, , 3, & 4,  this latest offering aims to support the English fraternity during this transitional phase. 

Understanding the time constraints and challenges associated with creating ideal practice  materials, ELTA has meticulously curated the i-Pass-5 to assist teachers in guiding their  students effectively. We acknowledge the dynamic nature of the English subject, where  questions can be drawn from any passage or text-independent sources, making targeted  practice even more crucial. 

It is noteworthy that the practice book intentionally omits the key, as we firmly believe that  fostering independent learning is paramount. We encourage students to engage in meticulous  practice under the thoughtful guidance of their teachers, which we believe will lead to  enhanced performance and better grades in English. 

ELTA extends its heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated ELTA crew for their invaluable efforts  in bringing forth this practice book. Furthermore, We’re pleased to inform you that we have  included SSC Revision tests for each unit in alignment with the Laskhya guidelines. We  believe that these revisions will further support students in their preparation for the upcoming  examinations. We wish SSC students success in facing the examination with confidence, and  we hope they emerge with flying colors, ready to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. 

With warm regards………….. 

P. Vinayadhar Raju 

General Secretary, ELTA Telangana

T. Venkateshwar Rao 

President, ELTA Telangana

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i-PASS 2024 : A Practice Book for SSC English Public Examinations March 2024