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CBSE Single Girl Scholarship 2023: Application Process, Dates, Eligibility etc

CBSE Single Girl Scholarship 2023:

For the Single Girl Child Scholarship Program, the Central Board pf Secondary Education in India will be accepting online invites. candidates must verify their eligibility requirements and then complete the form on the CBSE webpage. Merit will be the determining factor in the students selection for the scholarships. The money would be given to the candidates as monthly stipend only if they are single girl child candidates enrolled in post-matriculation schools and have demonstrated academic success in the Xth exams. They can utilize this money to pay for their school expenses.

CBSE Single Girl Scholarship 2023

SBSE SGE Scholarship - Important Dates



Single Girl Child Scholarship 2023 (Fresh Application)

September 19, 2023

Last Date for Single Girl Child Scholarship 2023 (Fresh Application)

October 31, 2023

Verification of Application by School

September 25 to November 7, 2023

CBSE SGE Scholarship - Eligibility Criteria:

1. The candidate must be Indian by nationality.

2. The student ought to be a girl and her parents' only child.

3. In accordance with government regulations, females who are born as twins, triplets, or more and who have no other siblings, brothers, or sisters beyond the ones born together are also qualified.

4. The pupils must be enrolled in a Central Board of Secondary Education-affiliated school in Classes XI or XII.

5. The monthly tuition for the pupil at the existing school cannot be more than Rs.1,500.

6. The tuition rise over the following two years should not exceed 10% of the current price.

7. The candidate must have received at least 60% of the possible points on the Class X board.

8. NRI applicants may only apply if they meet the remaining requirements and are enrolled in an institution recognized by the CBSE board. The sole distinction is that the school's tuition should not exceed Rs.6,000 a month.

CBSE SGC Scholarship Amount:

The monthly scholarship value of Rs.500 has been sent for Class X students applying for the Single Girl Child Scholarship 2023. For a maximum of two years, the money will be given to the chosen candidates on a monthly basis. The authority will determine how many scholarships are offered, which will vary. The funds will cover Class XI and XII for the full two years. After completing their academic program, the candidates are not eligible to seek for the scholarship advantages.

CBSE SGE Scholarship - Selection Process

After the application and supporting documentation are verified, the applicants will be chosen to receive the scholarship benefits. The online application form will serve as the basis for the initial shortlisting. Candidates must so submit application forms that have been carefully read and filled out. She must meet the aforementioned qualifying requirements. The paperwork will be examined by schools officials. The application must be verified and processed further by the school where the girl will be admitted at this time.

Therefore, the girl should only be pursuing further education from institutions connected to India's Central Board of Secondary Education. The youngster has to have received at least a 60% in class X. The candidate will only be chosen for the scholarship in this scenario. The scholarship will only be given to deserving applicants.

How to Apply Online for CBSE SGC Scholarship:

1. Go to, the Central Board of Secondary Education's Official Website.

2. Form the list of possibilities, choose "Main Website" by tapping menu, scroll below the main page.

3. The board's primary portal will launch. To access the complex menu, scroll below the main page.

4. To view the list of all the scholarships that are presently available, tap the "Scholarships or  छात्रवत्तृि" option.

5. Look for the "Single Girl Child Scholarship - 2023 (Fresh Application)" under "Types of Scholarship" in the provided tabular menu.

6.Select "Apply Now".

7. The application's choices will become available

8. To submit an application as a fresh applicant, tap "SGC-X-Fresh Application".

9. A new application form shall appear. Enter the student's date of birth and Class X Board Examination Roll Number to validate their candidature. Select "Proceed".

10. The application form will appear on the screen for the applicant if thee data supplied matches the CBSE's records.

11. Fill out the application form with all the requested information.

12. After submitting the application, click "Submit" and print the document.

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