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Telangana Post-Matric Scholarship 2023

Telangana Post-Matric Scholarship 2023 - Fee Reimbursement
Telangana Post Matric Scholarship 2023 announcement has been announced by the Government of Telangana for SC, ST, BC, Disabled Welfare Students for Fresh and Renewal Registration.
Every year, the Telangana State government will begin new and renewal Fee Reimbursement

Registration for TS Post Matric Scholarship 
Registration on its Telangana ePass Scholarship Web Portal,, in order to issue Fee Reimbursement amounts to all qualifying students.
The Post Matric Student Service online portal will launch the Post Matric Scholarship application procedure for scholarships and fee reimbursement programmes being introduced for post matric students.
Telangana Post-Matric Scholarship 2023 - Fee Reimbursement

TS Postmatric Scholarship
The Telangana state government provides the TS Post Matric Scholarship to economically disadvantaged members of society in order to help them further their studies. Students who have finished their secondary education and are pursuing further education in the state are eligible for the award.To take advantage of this PMS, qualified students from SC, ST, BC, EBC, Minority, and Physically Handicapped backgrounds may visit and register as per the schedule.
Fee Reimbursement in Telangana
The Telangana state government offers the Telangana Fee Reimbursement scheme to help economically disadvantaged members of society who are pursuing higher education.
The plan covers students' tuition, test costs, and other relevant expenditures. In this blog article, we will go over the qualifying requirements, the application procedure, the benefits of the fee refund system, and other key Telangana Fee refund information.
The Telangana government has made it feasible for new students as well as renewing students to apply for Telangana Fee Reimbursement Schemes and Post-Matric Scholarships.All eligible post-metric students must register their information on the e-pass website, Telangana Scholarships Web Portal. All eligible students have been instructed by the TS SC Development Department that applications must be filed online.
The college administration should also take a special interest in e-pass registration and ensure that the application procedure is finished as soon as possible.
Telangana Fee Reimbursement Registrations Over View
  1. Scholarship : TS Post matric Scholarship 2023
  2. Title : Telangana Tuition Fee Reimbursement Registration 2023
  3. Subject : The Government released Telangana Fee Reimbursement Registration 2023 link under Post matric Scholarship Scheme
  4. Scholarship issuing Agency : SC, ST, BC, Minority Welfare Department
  5. Abbreviation : TS RTF Post Matric Scholarship
  6. Registration deadline :
  7. Official Website :
Registration for the TS Post-Matric Scholarship
Eligible students may apply for Fresh Post Matric Scholarship (Fee Reimbursement) amounts, and existing students may apply for scholarship renewal through the Scholarship Scheme Registration Process website - TelanganaePass (electronic payment, scholarship application system).
As a result, the TS government is inviting online applications from qualified SC, ST, BC, Minority, and PHC students for fee reimbursement and post-matric scholarships for the upcoming academic year.  
Eligible students can apply online with the necessary documentation for Post-Matric Scholarships or Fee Reimbursement. Candidates should apply using the Chrome browser.
Applications for Post-Matric Scholarships:
Submission of Post-Matric Scholarship Applications: After giving newcomers the opportunity for fresh registrations, eligible students will be offered the opportunity to renew their Post Matric Scholarships for the first time.Welfare offices are working hard to obtain scholarship and fee reimbursement applications from students studying post-secondary education.
The welfare departments have set a goal of completing the application review for the 2022-23 academic year by the end of this month. The activity is intended to begin accepting new and renewal applications for the 2022-23 school year on October 1st.
To that purpose, the nodal body, the SC Development body, has presented suggestions to the government asking approval to accept fresh applications. The administration is expected to accept these ideas within a week.
The TS Post Matric Scholarship provides an excellent chance for individuals from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to continue higher education. The award offers financial support, decreases family financial burdens, and encourages students to pursue higher education.
If you are a Telangana resident and satisfy the qualifying requirements, you should apply for the TS Post Matric Scholarship. Remember that the competition is fierce, so apply early to enhance your chances of getting chosen.
First, Renewal Students Will Have the chance: Renewal (senior) students in post-matric studies will have the chance to apply for the post-matric scholarship and reimbursement of tuition system. The SC Development Department mentioned this in suggestions given to the government.
Students were instructed to prepare for scholarship and tuition refund applications. The welfare agency has also requested that trustees make recommendations in this regard, as online applications are expected to be accepted next month.
Entrance tests and admissions for various programmes are now underway. The procedure should be completed by the end of next month. Then, applications from newcomers are welcomed.
Telangana Fee Reimbursement and Post-Matric Scholarship: The Telangana State SC Welfare Commission Commissioner has made adjustments to the E-Pass website to improve the efficiency with which scholarships and Fee Reimbursement are paid.
Degree students were instructed to input their Aadhaar number on the e-pass website in order to apply for scholarships and teaching fees, and information were made available. DOST Degree information has been fully linked with E-Pass in terms of degree course entries. Degree colleges have notified certification in the e-pass once again.
Annually, the various colleges should add and refresh the relevant regulating body documentation. After the above-mentioned deadline, colleges and students will not be allowed to extend their application deadline.
Benefits of the Scholarship
1. Financial Assistance: The scholarship provides financial assistance to students to support their higher education.
2. Encouragement to Pursue Higher Education: The scholarship encourages students from economically weaker sections to pursue higher education.
3. Reduced Financial Burden: The scholarship reduces the financial burden on the families of the students, allowing them to focus on their studies.
What is Fee Reimbursement Scholarship?
(A) RTF Post Matric Scholarship: Full tuition reimbursement for students doing post matric courses recognised by the University/Board. RTF (Tuition Fee Reimbursement) is approved twice a year, in September and March of the academic year. Every month, MTF, Maintenance costs, or Mess charges are authorised in accordance with the rates.
(B) Post-matric Scholarship (PMS): A post-matric scholarship is a scholarship given to students by the government's welfare departments to enable them to pursue post-secondary studies such as intermediate, ITI, polytechnic, professional courses, graduate and postgraduate courses, PhD, and so on.
(C) Post-Matric Scholarship Components: A post-matric scholarship includes two components: reimbursement of tuition fee (RTF) to the college and maintenance fee to the student (MTF). 
Amount of Post Matric Scholarship or Tuition Fee Reimbursement: 
The amount of tuition fee reimbursement will be determined by the post matric course that the student pursues. While the majority of courses are eligible for 100% of the Telangana government's tuition price. Self-financed courses are only eligible for a maximum of Rs. 20,000 or the actual college cost, whichever is less.
Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the fees announced by the government from time to time. In rare situations, the college fee is incorrectly indicated by the competent authorities; in such cases, you may make a representation to the concerned Head of Department for correction and payment of the difference.
Post matric Scholarship Components
Post matric Scholarship Components - Component Details
PMS First Component to College - Reimbursement of Tuition Fee (RTF)
PMS Second Component to Student - Maintenance Fee (MTF)
Who Qualifies for Fee Reimbursement?
What are the eligibility requirements for a Post-Matric Scholarship? kids from the SC/ST categories whose yearly parental income is less than Rs. two lakhs and BC/EBC/Disabled welfare kids whose parental income is less than Rs. one lakh. Students with 75 percent attendance at the conclusion of each quarter are eligible for the PMS Scholarship.Who Qualifies for Fee Reimbursement?
  1. SC & ST Welfare Students whose annual Family income is Rs. Two Lakhs or below.
  2. BC & EBC and Minority Welfare Students who are belongs to rural area family income should be Rs. One Lakh Fifty Thousand or below.
  3. BC & EBC and Minority Welfare Students who are belongs to Urban area family income should be Rs. Two Lakhs or below.
  4. Disabled Welfare Students whose parental income is Rs. One lakh or below.
  5. EBC students who are selected Under Corporate College Admissions Scheme Eligible for Intermediate courses
  6. Students whose attendance is 75% at the end of each quarter.
Who does not qualify for fee reimbursement?
  1. Students belonging to the categories other than SC, ST, BC, EBC , Minority and DW (Disabled).
  2. SC, ST Students whose annual family income is more than Rs. Two Lakhs.
  3. BC & EBC and Minority Rural area Students Whose annual family income is more than Rs. One Lakh Fifty Thousand.
  4. BC & EBC and Minority Urban area Students Whose annual family income is more than Rs. Two Lakhs.
  5. Disabled Welfare Students whose family income is more than Rupees One lakh.
  6. All Students pursuing the part time courses, online courses.
  7. Students admitted under Sponsored seats, Management Quota seats.
  8. Students drawing the stipend more than the scholarship amount in aggregate per annum.
  9. Students of BC, EBC and DW students studying the Courses offered by open universities, distant mode, category B seats in MBBS, BDS.
  10. EBC students studying Intermediate or equivalent courses
Which Courses Qualify for Fee Reimbursement?
The following courses are eligible for Tuition Fee Reimbursement. Post-Matric Courses of a duration of one year or more that have been approved by the relevant University/Board. 
Group II Category Courses: Professional Courses (Degree and Postgraduate Courses in Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Management, Agriculture, Veterinary and Allied Sciences, Business Finance, Business Administration, and Computer Applications/Science, Commercial Pilot Licence Course) are included in Group I.
Group II Category Courses: Other professional and technical graduate and PG level courses not included in Group I, including (M.Phil, PhD, and post doctoral research). C.A./I.C.W.A./C.S./etc., courses, all post graduate, graduate level diploma courses, all certificate level courses.
Degree courses (not covered in groups I and II) and NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) courses are included in Group III Category Courses.
Courses in Group IV include intermediate, ITI/ITC, and vocational (intermediate level) courses.
Group Courses
  1. Group-I Engineering, Medicine, MBA, MCA, CPL
  2. Group-II PG, M Phil, PhD, CA, Polytechnic, GNM
  3. Group-III Degree
  4. Group-IV Intermediate, ITI, Vocational, MPHW
Sanctioning of Post-Matric Scholarships:
Telangana Post Matric Scholarships are only awarded once a student has been admitted to an institution and are subject to verification and eligibility. Only those who meet the criteria will be awarded a Post Matric scholarship. The processes for obtaining a scholarship are as follows:
  1. Secure admission to a college
  2. Apply online for a scholarship through the concerned welfare department ( SC/ST/BC/EBC/DW/MW)
  3. Verification by the college principal
  4. Verification by the Verification officer
  5. Scrutiny by the Welfare Officer
  6. Sanction of the scholarship
  7. Submission of the bill online to the treasury
  8. Sanction of the bill and upload of amounts into student (MTF) and college (RTF) bank accounts
Verification officer: Depending on the number of students in the college, the District Collector assigns verification officers for one or more institutions.
The verification procedure consists of two steps: (A) Verification by the College Principal: All applications must be personally verified by the college and signed by the college's principal.
(B) Verification by the verification officer: The verification officer will be responsible for verifying all students at the college on the specified day and time. The verification officer's details may be accessed on this website by clicking on the verification officer's details on the right side of the web page.
How to Download the TS Post Matric Scholarship Notification PDF 2023
Telangana State BC Welfare Department, Minorities Welfare Department, SC Welfare Department, and ST Welfare Department will publish the TS Post-Matric Scholarship notice and Information Bulletin on their official websites, Eligible SC/ST/BC/PWD students can view and download the Telangana Post Matric Scholarship notice on the registration web page.
  1. Visit the website and 
  2. select the Post Matric Scholarship Services link.
  3. Select the Notification Link.
  4. Examine the Notification Details
  5. Download the PDF Notification
Telangana Fee Reimbursement Post Matric Scholarship
1. For Fresh Registrations, Prerequisite for Fresh Registration Process: SSC Details:
2. Aadhar Number: 
3. Certificates: a) Caste Certificate obtained from Meeseva Centre, b) Income Certificate obtained from Meeseva Centre and c) Study Certificate: Study/Bonafide Certificate for the last SEVEN consecutive years of Study.
4. Bank Account: Open bank account in any of the Nationalized Banks (check for the list of Nationalized Banks). Bank account not required for EBC students.
5. Provide email Id and Mobile number:
6. Seat Allotment Order for CET courses.
7. Intermediate Student: If the student belongs to Intermediate, to register in ePASS, the student has to complete online Admission in BIE (Board of Intermediate Education) Portal by the College Principal.
Deadline for apply:
 Post matric Scholarships/Fee Reimbursement For Fresh and Renewal Registrations will be Closed on 15-06-2023 in Telangana State
Renewal Registrations
 Documents to be Scanned Compulsorily For the Academic Year Renewal Registration Process:
First page of the Bank Pass Book: First page of the Bank Pass Book containing the Bank Account number and IFS Code in case of change. EBC students are exempt from this requirement.
Study/Bonafide Certificates: Study/Bonafide Certificates for the last 7 years of study.(For the pupils mentioned in point 4 above).
Previous Year Pass MEMO: Previous Year Passed/Promoted Marks Memo.
Income Certificate: Original Income Affidavit (signed by both the student and the parent) Download the affidavit file. Note: If you are having trouble receiving your password on your mobile, go to the nearest Meeseva/ eSeva/ APonline Centre to register without a password.
How to Know the Post Matric scholarship status?
Students must go to the Telangana epass website at and click on the scholarship status icon in the centre of the page. Enter your application ID and any other information that is requested. After providing the information, you will receive a thorough summary outlining the various transactions on your application.
Documents need for Uploading: Documents need to be scanned and submitted for the Fresh Registration Process,
  1. Latest Passport size photograph
  2. Aadhaar Card of the Student
  3. Bank Pass Book first page( showing student name, Bank Account Number and IFSC code of the Bank Branch(Not required for EBC students)
  4. Study/Bonafide Certificate for the last SEVEN consecutive years of Study(For the students as referred at point no.7 above)
  5. CET (Common Entrance Test) allotment order for CET courses
Instructions: All students registering on the epass website must have an Aadhar card of their own. If you do not have an Aadhar card, you must enrol at the nearest Aadhar Enrollment office. Verify your Aadhar status if you have enlisted for Aadhar and have your Enrollment Number (EID).
In the event of a bank account change, create a zero balance account with any of the nationalised banks. There is no need for a bank account. EBC students only. The student must have a mobile phone in order to get the One Time Password for registration (the mobile number might belong to the student or any of his or her family members). Certificates of Study/Bonafide for the last 7 years of study, for the students' confirmation.
Telangana Post-Matric Scholarship Renewal and New Registration Process:
PMS Rejection Reasons / Post Matric Scholarship Application Rejection Reasons: When the student submitted the application form on the telangana epass web page. The application form should be rejected after the verification procedure for the following reasons.
  1. If not the bonafide student.
  2. Incorrect caste, Income and Non submission of caste, Income certificates.
  3. Incorrect course & year of study.
  4. Non submission of hard copy of PMS application.
  5. If the student is not physically present at the time of verification.
  6. Student admitted under management quota.
  7. Non submission of relevant enclosures .
  8. Discontinued/Detained students in case of renewals.
  9. Claiming scholarship for same level courses.
  10. Previous sanction verification for renewal .
  11. Non receiving of hard copy for Fresh.
  12. Non receiving of renewal proposal.
  13. Not recommended by Field Officer
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