Friday, October 21, 2022

Maths TLM Models/Ideas

Maths TLM Models/Ideas

 Instructional material, also known as teaching/learning materials (TLM), are any collection of materials including animate and inanimate objects and human and non-human resources  that a teacher may use in teaching and learning situations to help achieve desired learning objectives.

Teaching-Learning Materials (TLMs) are important for the teachers in teaching his/her lesson effectively as it help him/her to a better interpretation and appreciation of the concepts, contents as well as the subject matter. TLMS also enables the students to proceeds towards concrete learning

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Here we are providng  Maths TLM whcih is very useful for teachers in their classroom for effective teaching purpose and also for students for easy easy learning to ger the concrete ideas on the concepts

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Maths Best TLM for All Basic Concepts

Maths TLM for 6th to 10th Classes

Maths TLM pdf 1

Maths TLM pdf 2

Maths TLM pdf  3

Maths TLM pdf 4

Maths TLM pdf 5

Maths TLM pdf 5

Maths TLM pdf 6