Learn English Vocabulary and Sentences through pictures

Learn-English-Vocabulary-and-Sentences-through-pictures-download-pdfLearn English Vocabulary and Sentences through pictures

Friday, 12 March 2021

/ by Paatashaala

Learn English Vocabulary and Sentences through pictures

This book will teach you the first steps of English .It gives you about 500 important words in sentences,with the meaning shown through pictures| Learn English Vocabulary through pictures| Learn English words and Sentences with pictures| easy way to learn English through pictures| English made easy through pictures| Actions of people in English through pictures| How to improve english skills| Vocabulary words with pictures and meaningsThe Sentences will take on meaning for you as you compare them with the help of the accompanying pictres, page by page. The load on your memory is kept light. All your attention can be given to looking how changes in the sentences go alsong with changes in the meaning. To Learn in this way is more like play than hard work.

Learn English Vocabulary and Sentences through pictures

If you have to work alone, it is best to work through writing and wait for the pronunciation until you have help. You have to study two or three pages together until you can give the sentences that go with the pictures. When you are forming the sentences do not rely on your memory alone. you should be ready to understand the picture in english what the picture say. If you do this you will be thinking in English from the very start and that is the way to a mastery of the language.
When you completed working thirty pages of the book in this manner, you can test  your knowledge byu answering in English for the questions on the pages 31,32 and 33 Now you can compage the answers with those given on the page 34. At certain intervals throughout the book further questions with answers are provided.
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