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How to Register/ Update Mobile Number with your SBI Savings Account - Get Details Here

How to Register/ Update Mobile Number with your SBI Savings Account - Get Details Here

It is always good to have your mobile number registered with your savings bank account/s. Not only will it help you keep track of all the transactions that have taken place, you will also get to know immediately when an unauthorised transaction takes place in your bank account. Know the following given procedure about Register/Update Mobile Number with SBI Savings Account.

Registration for the first time

If you do not have your mobile number registered with your bank account, then you can do the same either by visiting your bank's home branch or an SBI ATM.

  1. Here hou you can register your mobile number by visiting an SBI ATM.
  2. Swipe your card and from the menu choose Registration Option.
  3. Enter your ATM PIN.
  4. Then select your monile number option.
  5. Enter the mobile numberwhich you want to register. Select 'Correction' option if you have entered correct number. 
  6. Re-enter your mobile number and select 'correct' option. Once you do this, the message will be appear on ATM Screen. Like Thanks you for registering your mobile number with us". Within three days, you will receive a call from the contact center.
  7. A reference number will be sent to your mobile number via SMS. As per SBI call centre, within three days you will receive a call from the contact centre. For the sake of safety, ask the call centre person to quote the reference number. Continue with the call only if it matches the reference number you received by you Via SMS.
  8. Once this is done, you will have to verify your personal details, and then your mobile number will be registered in your bank account. You will receive an SMS from the bank confirming the same.

Know here how to Update OR Change of Mobile Number:

The following three methods to update your Mobile Number in your Savings Bank Account:

1.Internet Banking
2.Through SBI ATM
3. Phone Banking.

Through Internet Banking;

First You must be registered Net Banking User. If you have not registered yourself, then register here, Click here to Register.Once you have regisered yourself, follow the below given steps to update your Mobile Number.

  1. Vist SBI Website and Login to your Account.
  2. Then Click on "My Account & Profile" and select the "Profile" Option.
  3. Under the profile, select personal details/Mobile, and enter the profile password (Other than your Loigin Password).on display the name, email ID and mobile number registered in your account will be displayed on the screen.
  4. Then click on hyperlink 'change mobile number-Domestic only' (through OTP/ATM/Contact Center).
  5. A new screen of 'Personal Details-Mobile Number Update' with three options--'career request', cancel request' and the 'status' will be appear.
  6. Select the 'create request; option, and enter new mobile number, it will ask to re-enter the mobile number, then click on submit.
  7. A pop-up message will be appear that where you will have to verify and confirm your mobile number, then click on OK to proceed.
  8. Now you will have to approve the change of mobile number.  There are three options to dothis. 1). Through one time password (OTP) on both mobile numbers (old & new). 2). Internet Banking Request Approval through ATM and 3). Approval through contact Centre.
  9. After selecting an option, choose the contac for which you possess the debit card and click on proceed.
  10. Then it displays like debit cards associated with your account (active/inactive), then select the active card and click on proceed.
  11. Enter all the details like such as card number, valid through/expiry date, cardholder's name, PIN and characters visible in the box,then click on submit option.
  12. Finally verify all the information correctly and click on Pay.
After successful verification of your debit card, follow these steps as per the chosen option, i.e, through OTP, Net Banking request through ATM, or contact Centre.By OTP on both mobile numbers.

If you have chosen this option, follow these steps to complete the process:

a) An OTP will be sent on both, your old and new, mobile numbers.

b) Once you get the passwords you need to send SMSes from both numbers in the following format: ACTIVATE <8 digit OTP value>, <13 digit reference number> to 567676 within four hours.

c) On successful validation of OTP value and reference number, the new mobile number will be updated in the bank's record.  Once this is done then you will get a message on your new number.

Through SBI ATM:

To change your mobile number by visiting an SBI ATM, follow the below given steps:

Step 1 : First Visit your nearby SBI ATM and swipe your card.

Step 2: Select the 'Registration' Option from menu.

Step 3 :.Enter your ATM PIN and select Update your mobile number.

Step 4 : Enter your old mobile number and confirm it, and also enter your new mobile number and confirm it.

Step 5: Then the OTPs will be sent on both, of old and new mobile numbers.

As per the SBI call centre, if you possess your old and new numbers, then you will have to send the OTP and reference numbers from the both numbers to 567676 within the 4 hours.

If you do not have your old mobile number, then just send the SMS from your new mobile number. Within the next three days you will receive a call from the contact centre. Confirm and verify the reference number before sharing any personal details,  your mobile number will be updated.

Through Phone Banking:

If you want to change your mobile number through phone banking, one must be a registered phone banking user. If you are already a registered phone banking registered user, then you will be required to call the SBI contact centre (1800-11-22-11 or 1800-425-3800) and follow the steps. Keep your ATM card details, PIN and bank account details handy before making the call.

ఎస్‌బీఐ మొబైల్ బ్యాంకింగ్‌కు రిజిస్టర్ చేసుకోవాలంటే బ్యాంకుకే వెళ్లాల్సిన అవసరం లేదు. ఎస్ఎంఎస్ లేదా ఏటీఎం ద్వారా మొబైల్ బ్యాంకింగ్‌కు రిజిస్టర్ చేయొచ్చు. ఎలాగో ఇక్కడ తెలుసుకోండి.

SBI Mobile Banking: రిజిస్టర్ చేయండి ఇలా

  1. ఎస్ఎంఎస్ ద్వారా మొబైల్ బ్యాంకింగ్‌కు రిజిస్టర్ చేయాలంటే ముందుగా రిజిస్టర్డ్ మొబైల్ నెంబర్ నుంచి ఎస్ఎంఎస్ పంపాలి.
  2. MBSREG అని టైప్ చేసి 9223440000 లేదా 567676 నెంబర్లకు ఎస్ఎంఎస్ పంపాలి.
  3. మీకు ఎస్ఎంఎస్‌లో యూజర్ ఐడీ, ఎంపిన్ వస్తుంది.
  4. ఎస్ఎంఎస్‌లో వచ్చిన లింక్ క్లిక్ చేసి మొబైల్ బ్యాంకింగ్ యాప్ డౌన్‌లోడ్ చేయాలి.
  5. మీ యూజర్ ఐడీ, పిన్ ఎంటర్ చేసి లాగిన్ చేయాలి.ఏటీఎం ద్వారా మొబైల్ బ్యాంకింగ్ సేవలకు రిజిస్టర్ చేయొచ్చు.
  6. ఎస్‌బీఐ ఏటీఎంలో ఏటీఎం కార్డు ఇన్సర్ట్ చేసిన తర్వాత Mobile Registration ఆప్షన్ సెలెక్ట్ చేయాలి.
  7. మీ మొబైల్ నెంబర్ ఎంటర్ చేయాలి.
  8. మీ మొబైల్ నెంబర్‌కు యాక్టివేషన్ మెసేజ్ వస్తుంది.
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