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Know How To Enter Student Digital Device Data at Website

 Know How To Enter Student Digital Device Data at Website

Entering of Student Digital Device Data in schooledu Telangana website must be done by the concerned Head Master/MEO.

School Education Telangana Commissioner has issued instructions to all the HMs and MEOs in the state to enter the details of Student e-Education Resources data in schooledu Telangana Website given below. Go through the entire article to know the steps to enter the students e-Education resources data.

As the Commissioner of school education made available the digital lessons through Doordarshan Yadagiri and T-SAT channels from 1st September 2020, it also wants to know the number of students who are watching the digital classes. By this, such number of students may be identified.

Know How To Enter Student Digital Device Data at Website

Steps to enter Student Digital Device Data:

  1. Visit website
  2. Click on Digital classes monitoring option available at the menu bar
  3. Enter school/mandal username
  4. Next, password must be entered
  5. Then enter the captcha code
  6. Then click on submit
  7. Now,a page gets opened. Click on Student Information System.
  8. Go to Student Info at the menu
  9. Select student e-Education Resource in drop down menu
  10. Select class in the next screen
  11. Click on Submit
  12. On the screen, Student wise options will be appeared where we can enter the details like availability of TV, access to the smart phone, access with PC,Laptop with internet, name of the monitoring teacher, mobile, Number of the monitoring teachers, Students with no digital devices, etc.
  13. All the above mentioned details are to be entered properly by the HM/MEO
  14. Then, click on submit.
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