Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Beware about WhatsApp Hacking Know here for DOs and Dont's to be Safe


Beware about WhatsApp Hacking Know here for DOs and Dont's to be Safe

Now a days all of us are usig one or the medium of a chat messenger like WhatsApp or Telegram or any similar platform to communicate to parents, friends and relatives. Since these platforms are used most widely, unfortunately these are the most common medium of most common types of cyber attacks. Cyber criminals are not giving up any opportunity to steal the user's personal information. Sending suspicious links,logging into them, and hitting OTPs from innocent users. It is said that many of these e-mails are also sent. WhatsApp advises users to be vigilant in this regard. The telegraph reports, on the other hand, that some accounts have already been attacked.

The latest alerts have been issued in the wake of any complaining that they received messages saying OTP from unidentified phone numbers. Hackers are using this OTP to infiltrate the associated WhatsApp account. It says that unattended users are being fooled and that hackers access valuable information such as personal chats, phone numbers, name, e-mail ID, Bank Account details and Facebook login. Users are most alert when it comes to OTP and security code asked to be dealt with., asked it it ever received such messages. Share some tips on Twitter.

Hence we should be aware. Vigilant for anything that can go wrong while doing even some simple tasks like receiving or sending a message to someone. So now let's learn as to what can go wrong over a communication medium/plarform like WhatsApp. How we can protect ourselves and our kids from any danger on the internet.


Children DOs

Only read messages received from your known contacts or from people already in your contact list. Let your parents know for any such messages (which are received from unknown persons). Request them to block it and learn to block it too.

How To Create, Use & Protect Your Passwords?

  1. Always use a Strong password.
  2. If your device has biometric (Finger print Scanner/ Face unlock/Iris Scanner), then use them.
  3. Change your passwords every 3 months at least.
  4. Keep your passwords to yourself.
  5. Choose a password that cannot be easily guessed or hacked.
  6. Enable two step vearification method (Setting/Account/two step verification) available in iOS and Android Versions.
  7. Whatsapp said the account could be protected from hackers. You need to go to the settings menu, click on the privacy option and change the profile photo option. 
  8. Click on My Contacts.
  9. If you get a suspicious phone number that is not contact, then ignore it.
  10. Block the number so that it no longer sends such a message.
  11. Use different passwords for different accounts (similar but a bit distinct, so that you can remember them).
  12. Make a password that is long and complex but it should be easy to remember. 
  13. Update all your apps/softwares regularly.
  14. Change the default passwords generated by apps or websites immediately.
  15. Use a combination of Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers, Special Characters, Spaces (if allowed).


  1. Do NOT keep your device without passwords.
  2. Do NOT use a weak password if you are using one.
  3. Do NOT share your passwords with anyone.
  4. Do NOT use same passwords for all the accounts.
  5. Do NOT fall for Phishing, Vishing or SMiShing and disclose your password.
  6. Do NOT write your passwords down anywhere (Try to remember them only).
  7. Do NOT use your personal information (e.g. Your name, address, email, date of birth etc) in your passwords.
  8. Do NOT use your passwords on devices which are not yours or which you do not trust.
  9. Do NOT use your passwords on networks (e.g. Wi Fi, Hot Spot ) which are not yours or which you do not know.
  10. Do NOT use default passwords generated by apps or websites.

How to Enable two step Verification in WhatsApp

  1. Go to Settings, then go to Account.
  2. Click on two step verification, Click on enable.
  3. Enter a 6 digit number that you can remember perfectly.
  4. Confirm the number again.
  5. Enter your E-mail ID that you can reset the verification Code if you need.
  6. Confirm E-mail again.
  7. Congrats your two step Verification for WhatsApp has been enabled.

So even your WhatsApp hacked they can not access your WhatsApp chats, because it asks for two step Verification Code which should not be shared with anyone.

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