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DIKSHA App Downaload -How to Register / Edit Profile for NISHTHA Online Training

DIKSHA App Downaload -How to Register / Edit Profile for NISHTHA Online Training 

DIKSHA is a unique initiative taken by the Indian government to leverage existing flexible and highly scalable digital infrastructures with teachers at the forefront. Many teachers across the country are creating and using innovative tech-based solutions in the classrooms. And, even various state governments have encouraged the initiated programs to support teachers in a digital manner with the DIKSHA app. 

Diksha - A Platform for School Education under the supervision of MHRD India which is compatible with all your devices in launch on. DIKSHA App offers Students Teachers and Parents Teaching learning material suitable to school curriculum. Teachers may go through the DIKSHA App to get Teaching aids Lesson Plans Work Sheets for better Teaching Learning experiences. Students will understand concepts, do practice exercises revise lessons.
Procedure of installing DIKSHA APP
1. Download DIKSHA APP from play store
2. Install
3. Select language..English
4. Click on continue 
5. Select  .. teacher
6. Select board.. State Andhra Pradesh.. Submit
7. Select medium... English.. Submit
8. Select classes you are teaching.. Submit.. Continue
9. Select..State..District...Submit
10. Choose a text book to start.. Click on profile ln bottom right side... Login
11. Click on REGISTER HERE
12. Select year of birth..Entet your name..Enter your mobile number..Creat your own password
Note..pasword must contain 8 characters, which includes Capital letters,small letters,numbers and one special character like @$#&¥ etc
▪️Ex.. Spoornima@2020
 ▪️Click in the box  I understand and accept
▪️Then click on Register
▪️You will be registered
▪️Now close the app and open and click on profile
▪️If your name appears that means you are registered. Now click on courses and follow
How to Register for DIKSHA App NISHTHA Training
  1. After Installing the DIKSHA App, Teachers have to Register as DIKSHA App User here is the process
  2. Click on Register Here
  3. Enter Date of Birth
  4. Enter Mobile Number, used in Biometric Attendance
  5. Create Password and Confirm it
  6. Accept Terms and Conditions and click on Register
  7. An 6 Digits OTP will get your Registered Mobile Number enter it.
  8. After the Registration Process, You may Login using Username and Password
  9. Now Edit Your Profile as Follow
  10. SELECT language as ENGLISH. continue. 
  11. SELECT Teacher then you find
  12. Scan QR CODE below that select board as state ANDHRA PRADESH. 
  13. YOUR NAME 
  14. Medium select both telugu and English. 
  15. Class SELECT 1 to 5th
  16. Now you are a DIKSHA app user.
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DIKSHA Mobile App
Download User Manule
DIKSHA యాప్ లో అందుబాటులో ఉన్న ట్రయల్ కోర్స్ చేయడం ఎలా??
Step by Step Guide Click Here

Highlights of DIKSHA APP
  1.  Explore interactive material created by teachers and the best Indian content creators for teachers and students in India. By India, for India!
  2.  Scan QR codes from textbooks and find additional learning material associated with the topic
  3.  Store and share content offline, even without Internet connectivity
  4.  Find lessons and worksheets relevant to what is taught in the school classroom
  5.  Experience the app in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu with additional Indian languages coming soon!
  6.  Supports multiple content formats like Video, PDF, HTML, ePub, H5P, Quizzes - and more formats coming soon

DIKSHA APP Advantages for teachers

  1.  Find interactive and engaging teaching material to make your class interesting
  2.  See and share best practices with other teachers to explain difficult concepts to students
  3.  Join courses to further your professional development and earn badges and certificates on completion
  4.  View your teaching history across your career as a school teacher
  5.  Receive official announcements from the state department
  6.  Conduct digital assessments to check your students’ understanding of a topic that you have taught

DIKSHA APP Advantages for students and parents

  1.  Scan QR codes in your textbook for easy access to the associated lessons on the platform
  2.  Revise lessons that you learnt in class
  3.  Find additional material around topics that are difficult to understand
  4.  Practice solving problems and get immediate feedback on whether the answer is correct or not.

Features of DIKSHA Portal

Some important features of DIKSHA portal that you must keep in mind before accessing it:
QR Code
DIKSHA - National Digital Infrastructure for Teachers and students can be accessed after scanning the QR code provided in their NCERT books. After scanning the QR code, the portal will come up with suggestions and topics that you want to study.
The portal is accessible in both English and Hindi language. You can choose any language depending upon your comfort and convenience.
The portal would first ask for the location to which you belong. For example, you choose Delhi as an option, it would further ask you to choose ‘sub-location’ means in which locality of Delhi you reside. Accordingly, it will show you the courses that are going on in that region from which you can choose the desired course as per your skill set.
Class Based
DIKSHA portal requires a user to choose the class whose study material has to be accessed. Click on the standard whose study material you wish to access and enter
SUBMIT button.

DIKSHA Mobile App

DIKSHA portal is an advanced platform that is available for the android and iOS users also. You can download DIKSHA app from Google Play Store. The mobile app is available for not just teachers but also for the students and parents. The app is loaded with engaging learning material that fits the needs of prescribed school curriculum.

How Teachers will benefit?

DIKSHA - National Digital Infrastructure for Teachers is also available in the form of mobile app. It is loaded with lesson plans, worksheets and activities, to create enjoyable classroom experiences.

How Students will benefit?

Students having access to DIKSHA app will be able to understand concepts in easy and interactive manner. There are features through which lessons can be revised. The app also facilitates the students to test his/her learning through self-assessment practice exercises.

How Parents will benefit?

Parents having access to DIKSHA app in their mobiles can follow classroom activities and clear doubts outside school hours. It is a comprehensive platform for hassle free interaction of all the stakeholders involved.

How to Use DIKSHA App

Once the DIKSHA app is installed, you need to register your profile with details such as full name, phone number, password, etc. Once you register, you will get an OTP to confirm the same. Once you submit the same, your registration will be complete. Now, you can head onto change the language of the portal from the list of options mentioned above. Now, you need to select a user profile from options such as student, teacher, and others. Hit the Scan QR code if it is available in your text book. Alternatively, you can enter information such as board, medium, and class. And, continue to submit the details. Now, set your location, and submit the same.

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