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Elections to MPTCs & ZPTCs - 2020 Roles and Responsibilities of POs

Elections to MPTCs & ZPTCs - 2020 Roles and Responsibilities of Presiding Officers

Elections to MPTCs/ZPTCs- Polling on 21.03.2020 - Conduct of

Government Servants - Orders – Issued

Training to Master Trainers-Elections to MPTCs & ZPTCs-2020 Roles & Responsibilites fo Presiding Officers (POs)

On Appointment As Presiding Officer

Normally, at simultaneous election i.e., conduct of MPTC plus ZPTC Election One PO and 5 OPOs are appointed.
• Polling parties after appointment are to be properly trained.
• Polling parties are to be provided with required polling material like Ballot boxes, Ballot papers and other materials.
• Necessary arrangements including setting up of polling station should be made in time and as per requirement.When PO receives his/her appointment order for the 2nd Training, should check up carefully and examine the following:
• The name and number of Polling Station- Mandal, Location.

Elections to MPTCs & ZPTCs - 2020 Roles and Responsibilities of Presiding Officers /2020/03/Elections-to-MPTCs-ZPTCs-2020-Roles-and-Responsibilities-of-POs.html

The PO will also find the names of other Polling Officers in the orders and therefore should contact them in advance.
Should read the handbook for Presiding Officers carefully.
Should get familiarise with the items of polling material given in Annexure-5 at Page no.90-93 of POs Hand Book.
Should read carefully the different forms, statutory and non- statutory and fill them up at least once specially PO Diary, PO Declaration and Ballot paper account and Paper seal account. Duties of Presiding Officer on the Previous day of the poll At Distribution Center Reach distribution centre well before time on 20-03-2020.

•Find your polling party and receive the material and check up with the list mentioned in Annexure-5.
• Check the ballot box: If it is defective get it replaced immediately. Also verify its Unique No.
• Checking of Ballot papers:

i) Two different coloured Ballot papers will be supplied: Pink for MPTC and white for ZPTC.
ii) Count the ballot papers carefully, tally their total and serial numbers and ensure that they belong to MPTC/ZPTC of your allotted Polling Station.
iii) The ballot papers will be equal in number to the number of voters
iv) Check the ballot paper Serial numbers and note the missing numbers
v) Ensure the serial number of ballot paper and counterfoil should be the same. If not cancel it and do not issue to the voter.
vi) Check the serial number and number of paper seals supplied.
of your Polling Station or rounded of to the next ten.

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