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Procedure to Apply the Postal Ballot System for Employees

Procedure to Apply the Postal Ballot System for Employees

When the election commission set a goal to achieve 100% polling, it did not take appropriate measures to enable the government employees on election duty to cast their votes. More than 3.5 lakh government employees were involved in election duty, across the state. Of them, around 40% did not receive the postal vote forms, Going by the rulesm the authorities should distribute the postal ballot/election duty certificate at the facilitation centre (Training Centre) to the government employees engaged in election duty. They can cast their vote at the facilitation centre or in the polling station where they are deputed.

Procedure to Apply the Postal Ballot System for Employees /2020/01/Procedure-to-Apply-the-Postal-Ballot-System-for-Employees.html

Postal ballot System, Employee Registration for Postal ballot, Election commission India providing postal ballot system for indian citizen/Employees who involved in polling duties. Employees who got the election duty orders, they have to register themselves in postall ballot system provided by the Election Commission of India.

Employees who are working in Telangana State and if got the Election duty order, they need to follow the procedure in order to obtaining the postal ballot for casting their vote in ongoing elections. First employee has to confirm and receive the election order copy from the concerned authority and he/she has to attend the training programs conducted by the Election commission of India after receiving order copy. 

To avail this facility of obtaining the postal ballot  the employees have to register through online and they have to logon to the official website of Telangana State Election Commission. Employees have to follow the below given steps to get facility of postal ballot.

  1. Logon to the official website given below.
  2. Click on Postal Ballot System for ULB Elections.
  3. Click on for new Employee Registration.
  4. A new form will be opened on screen.
  5. Enter Employee ID/Mobile Number
  6. Enter Password
  7. Re-Enter Password
  8. Enter captcha code
  9. Click on Register and Login button
  10. After successful registration system will show the Employee Login Screen.
  11. Go to Services tab and Click on Apply for Post Ballot
  12. Select Election Duty (PO/APO/OPO).
  13. Enter Employee Number, Order Number, Employee Name, Mobile Number, EPIC ID, Electoral Serial Number Resident District, Resident ULB, Election duty district, Whether to send postal ballot paper to Home/Office address, Upload address proof.
  14. Then Click On Submit Button.
  15. Once the employee submit the details, Employee can monitor the Status.
  16. Election Commission will issue the Postal Ballot. 
  17. This status can be shown in employee login.
  18. If Election Commission accepts the postal ballot application then employee can view the postal ballot.

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