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The Best of Friends - Class 5 English Poem Classroom Transaction

The Best of Friends - Class 5 English Poem

First of all I would like to say Thanks to Snehitha TV Ramani Madam SRG (English) for providing us such an useful videos which are very useful for all the Primary Teachers to transact the lessons very easily in their classrooms...

Classroom Transaction

1. The teacher begins asking children about their friends.
2. What do you do when you are with your friends?
3. Asks the children to open the textbook to read the poem.
4. Teacher sings the poem in her style.
5. Children sit in groups and read the poem in their style.
5. Classroom interaction on each stanza.
5. Look at the first picture. What was the friend doing?
6. In the picture alongside the 2nd stanza, what was happening?
7. Look at the 3rd picture. What do you think was happening?
8. What feeling do you see in the fourth picture?
9. Children! Let's see how we can plan a choreography on this poem.
10. What actions do you want to have for the first stanza? (Group 1).
11. What actions you want to decide for the 2nd stanza?
12. Think of the action that would be suitable for the 3rd stanza?
13. How would like to play (enact) the 4th stanza?
(Teacher writes down the actions on the Blackboard)
14. Let's practice the song and the actions.
15. It's time to perform our choreography. Are you ready Children?

 The Best of Friends  Peom Text

The Best of Friends
Can Change a Frown Into a Smile
When you feel down

The best of friends
Will understand
Your little trails
And lend a hand

The best of friends
Will always share
Your secret dreams
Because they care

The best of friends
Worth more than gold
Give all the love
A heart can hold

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