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GOI Pre -Matric Scholarships 2020 for Minority School Students Last date to Aply Online

GOI Pre -Matric Scholarships 2020 for Minority School Students Last date to Aply Online 31.10.2020


GOI Pre -Matric Scholarships 2019 for Minority School Students, State Christian Minorities Finance Corporation will be issued certain instructions and Guidelines every year to both the states of all District Educational Officers. In this regards TSCMFC/APCMFC has informed to the district officials about Pre-Matric Scholarships. The Government of India, Ministry of Minority Affairs will e announced the dates every year for Pre-Matric Scholarships for all Minority Students including Christian Minority students and these details will be forwarded to the DEO's and concerned district's of all MEP's and all Schools. In this subject all eligible students of AP and Telangana States can apply through Online Mode at MHRD official website as per its announced schedule.

GOI Pre -Matric Scholarships 2019 for Minority School Students Last date to Aply Online 15.10.2019 SCHEME OF ‘PRE-MATRIC SCHOLARSHIP’ FOR STUDENTS BELONGING TO THE MINORITY COMMUNITIES FOR 2019-20 /2019/07/

The Prime Minister’s New 15 Point Programme for the Welfare of Minorities was announced in June, 2006. It provides that a Pre-Matric scholarship scheme for meritorious students from minority communities would be implemented.

The scholarship at pre-matric level will encourage parents from minority communities to send their school going children to school, lighten their financial burden on school education and sustain their efforts to support their children to complete school education. The scheme will form the foundation for their educational attainment and provide a level playing field in the competitive employment arena. Empowerment through education, which is one of the objectives of this scheme, has the potential to lead to upliftment of the socio economic conditions of the minority communities.

The scholarship will be awarded for studies in India in a government or private school from class I to class X, including such residential Government institutes and eligible private institutes selected and notified in a transparent manner by the State Government and Union Territory Administration concerned.

Scholarship will be awarded to the students who have secured not less than 50% marks in the previous final examination and annual income of their parents/guardian from all sources does not exceed Rs. 1.00 lakh.

Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jain and Zoroastrians (Parsis) have been notified as minority communities under Section 2 (c) of the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992. A total of thirty (30) lakh scholarships are targeted to be distributed as ‘Fresh’ Scholarships, besides, Renewal scholarships. The distribution of scholarship among the States/Union Territories will be made on the basis of population of minorities


i) 30% scholarship is earmarked for girls students of each minority community in a State/UT which is transferable to male students of that community in case of non-availability of female students in that community in the concerned State/UT. 30% is the floor and not the ceiling for eligible girl students.

ii) If the physical target of scholarship for a particular minority community in a state/UT is not utilized, it will be distributed among the same minority community in other States/UTs strictly in accordance with merit and without disturbing the national ratio for the Community. Any unutilized community quotashall be distributed amongst other communities again in accordance with merit
and without affecting overall national quota.

iii) A student residing in a particular State/UT will be entitled for scholarship under the quota of that State/UT only irrespective of his/her place of study.

How to Apply:
The students must submit their application in prescribed Application form available in website, and also can obtain application form from our District Office. The application form along with the required documents shall be submitted to the District Minotites Wefare Officer/Executive Directors Office of the concerned districts through the Head Mastr of the concerned school.

To submit Enclosed the following Documents:

  1. Bonafide Certificate.
  2. Income Certificate issued by Tahasildhar/Salary certificate from employer/Afidavit on Non-Judicial stamp paper.
  3. Previouos marks certificate (Progress Report).
  4. Photo copy of Bank Account pass Book (Joint Account of Parent & student).
  5. Proof of permanent Residence Voter ID/Ration Card/Electricity bILl/Gas Bill.
  6. Photograph Attested by Head Master.
  7. Minority Community Declaration - Affidavit on Non-Judicial stamp paper.

i). As the number of scholarships for minorities available in a year is fixed and limited, it is necessary to lay down preference for selection. Inter-se selection weightage is to be given to poverty rather than marks (the applicant is required tosubmit an Income Certificate.

(ii)). In case of same income, merit shall be generated from ‘Date of Birth’ criteria of applicant (senior is preferred). Renewal – There is no merit list generation for renewal cases. Renewal applicant will get the scholarship if one has obtained 50% in his/her previous year’s examinations (at
the same Institute and in same course) and his/her application is verified by all authorities (as designated by Ministry of Minority Affairs) and approved by State Governments/UTs.

Application Procedure :

All the Christian Minority students should apply through online mode at  above givenofficial website. After applying online the hard copy and all required documents enclosured should sent to the Office of the Executive Director (Minorities Welfare)of the concerned District.
Instructions to be followed:
  1. Please read the instructions carefully before filling the Application.Enter your UIDI (AADHAAR) eid Number in Online Application Form.
  2. Enter your Bank A/C details.
  3. Income Decleration by the Parent/Gaurdian in the prescribed format shall be enclosed along with the apllication.
  4. Annual Income of parent /Gaurdian of the applicant should be below Rs. 1.oo Lakh.
  5. It is necessary to fill all the *marked fields in the application forms , other wise the application will bot be accepted.
  6. The student must obtain not less than 50% marks in the previous Class.
  7. Obtain a printout of the filled in application form, and enclose all the copies of requied documents and submit the same in the institution (School) where the student is studying, it is mandatory for all students to apply online on given websites;
  8. Take a print out of application after submitting and submit the same in the Institutions/college.
  9. Attach the following Documents:
  10. Self decleration of Religious Certificate.
  11. Self Decleration of Income Proof.
  12. Residential Proof.
  13. Bank passbook xerox with IFSC Code.
  14. Last year marks list.
  15. Aadhar Card.
  16. Photo with signature.
The scholarships shall be provided for the entire course. Maintenance allowance will
be given as fixed lump sum amount in an academic year 2020-21.

Note to the Institution:

The Head Master of the school should collect all the applications from the students  who applied and prepare a Booklet and submit it in the office of the Executive Director Minorities Department of Respective District.

The District Officials have to sent the information to all the MEO's and all the Schools (Both private & Govt) alos that large number of poor Christian Minority Students can get Govt. of India Pre-Matric Scholarship.

Note to the Students:
Mere Online Registration of application without submission of hard copies with necessary enclosures with in the stipulated date does not confer at any right to the student for sanction. Sanction of Scholarship under GOI scholarship scheme is subject to target to the state considering entire state as single unit.

The Last date for Application Submission is : 31.10.2020


Apply for Pre Matric Scholarships at Online: Apply Online