Friday, July 5, 2019

Class Ist - Vth Teaching Learning Material Modules

Class  Ist - Vth Teaching Learning Material Modules

Class  Ist - Vth Teaching Learning Material Modules

Instructional Materials enchance the Teaching / Learining Process by exhibiting necessary information to acquire the knowledge and Skills.

The instructional materials focuses and provides  on printed forms detailed information, including examples, on five types of job performance aids, the three types of instruction sheets, and two types of modules.

Checklists of condisderation that affect the quality of finished products are also provided. The job performances aids (JPAs) provide procedural of factual guidance in the performance of tasks. They store essential details in a variety of functional forms for use just before or during the task performance. Research shows that JPAS are  a cost-effective supplement or alternative to training. Instuction sheet assure that all trainees have the same complete and accurate information for performing practical work and for completing assignments. They reduce the time needed to master task performance and facilitate the transfer of learning from the training setting to the job. These sheets also help to manage a large groups of trainees with diverse abilities who are working simultaneously at several different tasks.

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With the modules, the trainees assume personal responsibility for their progress, regardless of the care used in their preparation. The all types of instructional materials must be evaluated prior to general use, and presents a comprehensive quality control procedure for confirming effectiveness and value. This was prepared to enhance both formal classroom instruction and individual study. Figures, tables, appendices, checklist and a glossary of keywords and terms, to supplement the next in explaining the content.

Modules are carefully structured documents which facilitate self - directed and self - paced learning. While their components may vary, modules typically include learning objectives, an introduction, instructional content, directions learning activiies, and test questions with the feedback answers.