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TSPSC Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) 8th/VIII Classs 2021 Entrance Exam Notificaiton

TSPSC  Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) 8th/VIII Classs 2021 Entrance Exam Notificaiton

The Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) is an Inter-Services Institution and a Category ‘A’ establishment of the Ministry of Defence. The College was established in 1922 with the primary aim of preparing the boys for entry into Defence Services and to provide quality all round education to young boys.
Applications are invited for boys only for admissions to class VIII in the Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC), Dehradun (Uttarakhand) for JANUARY 2020 Term which will be conducted at selected centers on -----------------
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TSPSC  Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) 8th/VIII Classs 2021 Entrance Exam Notificaiton

Eligibility Criteria

Entry Age: Candidates (boys only) appearing for the above test should be less than 11½ years in age but should not have attained the age of 13 Years as on 01st January 2020, i.e., they should have been born not earlier than 02/01/2007 and not later than 01/07/2008.
Educational Qualifications: Candidates should either be studying in Class VII or Passed Class VII from any recognized school at the time of admission to the RIMC, i.e., on 01st January 2020.
Scheme of Examination: The examination comprises of:
(a) Written Examination: The written part of the examination will consist of three papers, namely, English (10:00-12:00hrs) and Mathematics (14:00-15:30 hrs) shall be conducted on 01/06/2019 (Saturday) and General Knowledge paper (10:00-11:00hrs) on 02/06/2019 (Sunday). Minimum pass marks in each paper is 50%.
(b) Viva Voce: The Interview date shall be 04th October 2019 (Friday), and interview will be held for only those candidates who qualify in the written exam, Minimum pass marks in the interview is 50% and the date, venue for interview will be intimated to
them by first week of September 2019. Intelligence and personality of the candidates will be tested in the interview.
(c) Medical Examination. All the candidates qualified after interview will undergo a medical examination at selected Military Hospitals and only those candidates found medically fit will be considered for selection and admission to the RIMC. The medical examination of the candidates forms only a part of the system of selection and does not
imply the final selection.
  1.  As per the Government of India, Ministry of Defence Letter No A/36105/GS/MT6/D(GS-II) dated 03 Sep 2014, the wards of Central Government employees can undertake their exam and viva-voce at the place of posting of employee/ domicile state. However, their domicile will be as per original domicile state and accordingly, their candidature will also be considered as per the state of domicile.
  2.  The interview will be held for only those candidates who pass the written exam; their list will be sent to their Respective State Government by RIMC after approval of MT Directorate.
  3.  It is mandatory for all the selected candidates (including candidates from all India Reserve Merit List, if selected) to join RIMC within 10 days of commencement of term as per the joining instructions. If the selected candidate fails to join within 10 days, his candidature will be cancelled and next reserve candidate will be called to join.
  4. Vacancies for JANUARY 2020 Term, in all respects will be filled by 30 January 2020. No candidate will be allowed to join RIMC after 30 January 2020 under any circumstances (including medical).
  5.  Results and joining instructions will be regularly updated on RIMC website. It is candidate’s responsibility to check the status regularly.
Examination Center: The Examination for the children of Telangana State will be conducted at Hyderabad only.
Fee: Fees at RIMC is heavily subsidized by the Central Government. The fee is at present Rs.42,400/- per year. It may increase from time to time. At the time of entry a Security Deposit of Rs.20,000/- is to be made. This is refunded when the boy passes out.
Scholarships: Scholarships are granted by various State Governments to meritorious students. The amount of scholarships varies from state to state and is in between Rs.10,000/- to Rs.20,000/- per   annum. Continuation of Scholarship once granted by the state is subject to merit, income and discipline of the cadet and his performance during the year.
The Application forms:
  1. The prospectus-cum-application form and booklet of old question papers can be obtained ONLY DIRECTLY from The Rastriya Indian Military College, Garhi Cantt, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, PIN – 248003 through speed post by forwarding Self addressed slip and an amount payee bank draft of Rs.600/- for General Candidates and Rs.555/- for SC/ST candidates along with Caste Certificate. 
  3. Demand Drafts payable at other branches will not be accepted. 
  4. The address should be TYPED / WRITTEN CLEARLY IN CAPITAL LETTERS with pin code and contact number. 
  5. The delay on part of postal department is not the responsibility of this institution.
Note : 
  1. The application forms issued by RIMC only shall be valid. Locally printed /Photocopied and without RIMC hologram (Seal) forms shall not be accepted.
  2.  No refund of the application fee will be made on any condition.
Last Date:
Applications in duplicate in prescribed form accompanied by documentsto be attached with the application form are;
  • TwoPassport size Photographs, 
  • Domicile Certificate of the candidate,
  •  Birth Certificate (issued by Municipal Corporation / Gram Panchayat,
  •  SC, ST Certificate and
  •  Certificate from Principal of the school in original with photograph on it attested stating date of Birth and Class in which candidate is studying.
 Application forms from the candidates whose parents/guardians are domicile of Telangana State should reach the TSPSC by ---------------------- The wards of Central Government Employees, in order to verify the antecedents of such candidates intend to take the written examination in Telangana, are free to ask for service certificates over and above the routine documentation. The candidates appear for examination in Telangana must also satisfy themselves with respect to place of duty of the parent/guardian. Other than the above, no other candidate is allowed to appear for written examination in Telangana except candidate’s domicile is Telangana. The application form must be sent to the T.S.P.S.C only but not to the Rashtriya Indian Military College, Dehradun, Uttarakhand.
Last date for receiving the Application :s

టీఎస్‌పీఎస్సీ-ఆర్‌ఐఎంసీ, దెహ్రాదూన్‌

అర్‌ఐఎంసీలో ఎవిమిదో తరగతి ప్రవేశాలు

భారత ప్రభుత్వ రక్షణ మంత్రిత్వశాఖకు చెందిన దెహ్రాదూన్‌లోని రాష్ట్రీయ ఇండియన్‌ మిలిటరీ కాలేజ్ (జర్‌ఐఎంసీ)లో జనవరి 2022 టర్మ్‌ ఎనిమిదో తరగతి ప్రవేశాలకు తెలంగాణకు చెందిన బాలుర నుండి తెలంగాణ స్టేట్‌ వబ్లీక్‌ సర్వీస్‌ కమిషన్‌ (టీఎస్‌పీఎస్సీ) దరఖాస్తులు కోరుతోంది.

అర్హత ఆసక్తి ఉన్న ప్రస్తుత విద్యా సంవత్సరములో ఏడవ తరగతి చదువుతున్న విద్యార్థులనుండి దరఖాస్తులను ఆన్లైన్ లో అహ్వనిస్తుంది.

ఆర్హత: ఏడో తరగతి చదువుతున్న లేదా ఏడో తరగతి ఉత్తీర్ణులైన విద్యార్థులుఅర్హులు.

వయస్సు: 01.01.2022 నాటికి పదకొండున్నర సంవత్సరాలకు తగ్గకుండా పదమూడు సంవత్సరాలకు మించకుండా ఉండాలి.

ఎంపిక విధానం: *రాతపరీక్ష, వైవా వాయిస్‌, మెడికల్‌ ఎగ్జామినేషన్‌ అధారంగా.

దరఖాస్తు విధానం: అభ్యర్థులు దరఖాస్తులను ఆఫ్‌లైన్‌ ద్వారా సమర్పించాలి.

దరఖాస్తుకు చివరి తేది: 15.04.2021

పరీక్ష తేది: 05.06.2021

అదికారిక వెబ్ సైట్ లింక్ :

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