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SI Sub Inspector of Police Exam Preparation Plan Download in Telugu

SI Sub Inspector of Police Preparation Plan Download in Telugu

The Importance of having a Study Plan

Most of the students either do not have an organized study plan or do not follow it sincerely. Consequently their performance suffers and a common refrain is ‘oh we do study but do not know why our efforts fail to yield results’.

SI Sub Inspector of Police Preparation Plan Download in Telugu /2018/11/si-sub-inspector-of-police-examination-preparation-plan-download-in-telugu.html
SI Sub Inspector of Police Exam  Preparation Plan Download in Telugu

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SI Sub Inspector of Police Preparation Plan Download in Telugu Sakshieducation
SI Sub Inspector of Police Preparation Plan Download in Telugu Times of Telangana

Study Plan isn’t only a timetable

A timetable merely mentions the time duration assigned to a particular subject whereas a study plan is more comprehensive. It also defines a methodology to deal with the preparation, planning and problems faced in each subject by an individual.

A target should be set, items should be prioritized and an effective timetable should be drawn. Effective refers to a schedule that should be followed religiously with a determination to achieve progress and results. This should be based on an analytical approach:-

  1. How many free hours are available?
  2. How much time should be devoted to each subject in view of the individual requirement?
  3. How to prepare and procure the course material?
  4. How to create an environment conductive for a fruitful study? For example one can switch off the mobile phone for a designated period.
  5. These and many such points should be included while drawing up a study plan.

Importance and Benefits of a Study Plan

  1. Helps eliminate confusion as a clear action plan emerges with a little thinking and planning. It also imparts a sense of direction.
  2. One feels organized and in command because a proper plan will involve thorough understanding of one’s course or syllabus.
  3. Set targets are like milestones to be crossed. The achievement of each target provides motivation to achieve another. Very soon one starts enjoying the process because the concepts become clearer and understanding improves.
  4. Regular studies reduce the level of stress.
  5. One’s priorities become clear and the requisite level of importance and effort can be directed to the learning of each subject.
  6. Work does not get accumulated and hence there is no need to study at unearthly hours. This also safeguards one’s physical and mental health.
  7. Studying at regular hours increases concentration and inculcates a sense of discipline.
  8. No panic buttons need to be pressed any more.
  9. One can find time for leisure activities and recreation to refresh one’s mind and still achieve the set targets.

Please Remember:-

  1. One should set realistic targets as overambitious targets can cause disappointment and demoralize a student.
  2. Once a plan is place, stick to it. Initial difficulties such as various temptations and lack of concentration etc. should be conquered with determination.
  3. Join the winners, i.e. those who have successfully made and followed a study plan.
  4. Avoid the company of those who have a careless attitude.
  5. Seek advice and help wherever required.
  6. Last but not the least no study plan can be successful if it is not followed and executed sincerely.
  7. Initially the effort may look Herculean, but the rewards of having a study plan are rich, varied and really long lasting.