Monday, September 3, 2018

Maths Model Projects for Formative Assessment Download

Maths Model Projects for Formative Assessment Download

Learning in the classroom cannot be a joyful experience for the child unless we change our perception of the child as a receiver of knowledge and unless we move beyond the conventional use of the text book as the basis for examinations.
The present CCE mode of curriculam has evolved from State Curriculam Framework (SCF) 2011. Here the teacher is a facilitator. Gone are the days when the children open their mouths in the classroom only to answer the few questions posed by the teacher. Gone are the days when only the teacher dominates the entire class.

Maths Model Projects Download Click here to Download Maths Model Projects/2018/09/maths-model-projects-download.html
Maths Model Projects Download
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The CCE mode of learning is activity based learning through Projects, Assignments and through real life situations which bring the society at large into the classroom as stated by SCF 2011: Childrens life at school must be linked to their life outside the school. Thus projects are part and parcel of classroom learning. As we are all aware , Projects are a set of activities in which students understand the concept thoroughly , collectively collect relevent information and arrive at certain conclusions. Projects , done in groups, as they should be, develop skills in Academic Standards such as communication , problem solving , connection with other subjects and Representation and Visualization.
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Maths Model Projects for FA Download
6th Class T/M All Projects
6th Class E/M All Projects
9th Class TM  All Projects
8th Class TM All Projects
10th Clas TM All Projects
7th Class
8th Class Rational Numbers Project Work
9th Class Real Numbers Project Work
10th Class Real Numbers Project Work