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PRC RPS-2015 DSC Wise Arrears Table

PRC RPS-2015 DSC Wise Arrears Table Download

PRC Arrears DSC Wise Download
PRC Arrears DSC Wise Download | PRC Arrear Details  DSC wise  Arrears in PRC after Fixation of RPS

AP PRC 2015 Arrears Payment Instructions By Chief Minister Babu

Andhra Pradesh Pay Revision Commission recomonded Revision of pay Scales to Govt Employees and Teachers. PRC Arrears payment Instructions by CM, AP Guidelines to be released in detail to pay the arrears of PRC RPS 2015 for AP Employees and teachers. ap-10ht-prc-rps-2015-arrears-payment-teachers-employees-instructions-guidelines-orders  Method of payment will be mentioned in the instructions will be issued by the Finance Dept of Andhra Pradesh As per the findings the committe got. RPS 2015 implemented from 01.07.2013. Benifits calcualted Notionally up to 01.06.2014 and 02.06.2014 to 31.05.2017 calculated and counted as Arrers to be paid later. Payment of New Salaries as per the Revision of Pay Scales RPS 2015. Hence Govt has to pay the arrears for 18 months for said period from 02.06.2014 after formation of Telangana

AP PRC Arrears Table for all DSC Wise for SAs Download AP PRC 2015 Arrears Payment Instructions By Chief Minister Babu/2018/05/ap-prc-rps-2015-arrears-payment-teachers-employees-instructions-guidelines-prc-arrears-table-download.html
 PRC RPS-2015 DSC Wise Arrears Table

AP Chief  Minister Sri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu instructed Officials to pay the PRC Arrears to Govt Employees and Teachers as Ashok Babu requested explaining the actual conditions and feelings of Employees and Teachers about PRC Arrears in pending for the last 3 years almost. CM Ordered to pay the arrears in this Financial year 2017-18. Mr Babu clearly directed to settle the 10th PRC Arrears. Employees and Teachers eagerly waiting for the payments for the last 3 years. Already Telangana Govt paying PRC Arrears to its Employees and teachers in 18 installments. Finance Department of Telangana State had issued detailed instructions and Guidelines to pay paticular arrears . AP Employees and Teachers also expecting in the same manner atleast.

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Download  PRC RPS-2015 DSC Wise Arrears Table