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Roaster Points for Direct Recruitment and Promotions in Telangana and AP

Roaster Points for Direct Recrutment and Promotions in Telangana and AP

Roaster Points for Direct  Recruitments and Promotions in Telangana and AP  DSC TRT and promotions in all Departments of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Government with cycle of 100 point roaster Telangana Teachers recruitment Test will be conducted by Telangana and AP  Public Service Commission  and Department wise Promotion Panels will be prepared by the HODs as per the 100 Points Roaster. This Roaster may effect Teachers Recruitment Process roaster-points-for-direct-recrutments-promotions-telangana-tspsc-dsc-trt
Roaster Points for Direct Recruitment and Promotions
CM KCR has given green signal for promotions of teachers and  Transfers for teachers
Guidelines will be released with in a  week for Telangana Teachers Promotions as well as Soon 8 thousand Teachers get PromotionsAs many as 8,000 teachers across the state will be promoted in the wake of CM KCR giving the green signal for promotions and transfers. Teachers promoted from SGT to school assistant, from school assistant to headmaster ... As school assistants, 1500 school assistants are likely to be promoted to principals. Education officials said guidelines for transfers and promotions would be released on weekdays. The MEOs and DEOs will be in charge of the promotion process under the leadership of the Collectors of the respective districts. There are opportunities to manage promotions and transfers online. Education officials hope to complete the process of transfers and promotions without any manipulation. Teacher transfers and promotions have not been undertaken in the state for three or four years. Many teachers are retiring every month
Promotions to teachers
Approximately 8,000 people are likely to be promoted in the school education department while officials are working hard to secure promotions in the education department with government directives. How many vacancies by branch? Collecting details on how many people are likely to get promotions. Promotions will be made as soon as the schedule comes from the government


1 Open Competition Women
2 Scheduled Castes Women
3 Open Competition
4 Backward Class (Group-A) Women
5 Open Competition
6 Visually Handicapped Women
7 Scheduled Castes
8 Scheduled Tribes Women
9 Open Competition
10 Backward Class (Group-B) Women
11 Open Competition
12 Open Competition Women
13 Open Competition
14 Backward Class (Group-C) Women In every 3rd cycle of 100 point roster
15 Open Competition
16 Scheduled Caste
17 Open Competition Women
18 Backward Class (Group-D) Womn
19 Backward Class (Group-E) Women
20 Backward Class (Group-A)
21 Open Competition
22 Scheduled Castes Women
23 Open Competition Women
24 Backward Class (Group-B)
25 Scheduled Tribe
26 Open Competition
27 Scheduled Castes
28 Open Competition
29 Backward Class (Group-A)
30 Open Competition Women
31 Hearing Handicapped (Open)
32 Open Competition
33 Scheduled Tribes
34 Open Competition Women
35 Backward Class (Group-B)
36 Open Competition
37 Open Competition
38 Open Competition Women
39 Backward Class (Group-D)
40 Open Competition
41 Scheduled Castes
42 Open Competition
43 Backward Class (Group-D
44 Backward Class (Group-E)
45 Backward Class (Group-A) Women
46 Open Competition
47 Scheduled Castes Women
48 Sports Persons Vide GO MS No 5 Dated 14.05.2018
49 Backward Class (Group-B) Women
50 Open Competition Women
51 Open Competition
52 Scheduled Castes
53 Open Competition
54 Backward Class (Group-A)
55 Open Competition Women
56 Orthopaedically Handicapped(Open)
57 Open Competition
58 Scheduled Tribes Women
59 Open Competition Women
60 Backward Class (Group-B)
61 OC
62 SC
63 OCW
64 BCD
65 OCW
66 SCW
67 OC
68 BCD
69 BCE
70 BCA
71 OCW
72 SC
73 OC
74 BCB
75 ST
76 OC
77 SC
78 OCW
79 BCA
80 OC
82 OC
83 ST
84 OC
85 OC
86 OC
87 SCW
88 OC
89 BCD
90 OCW
91 SC
92 Open Competition
93 Backward Class (Group-D)
94 Backward Class (Group-E)
95 Backward Class (Group-B)
96 Open Competition Women
97 Scheduled Castes
98 Sports Persons Vide GO MS No 5 Dated 14.05.2018
99 Backward Class (Group-B) Women
100 Open competition
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