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Badi Bata Day wise Shedule & Preparatory programs

 Badi Bata program  Day wise Shedule & Preparatory programs

Badi Bata Programme for the year 2024-25 is to be conducted in all the Schools of Tealngana State from 03.06.2024 to 19.06.2024 for the enrolment of school age children.
Objectives of the Programme:
1. Identification of all the school-age children in all the habitations and enrolling them in the nearest schools.
2. Increasing enrolment in Government Schools and to provide quality education.
3. To increase awareness of the various schemes provided by the government to students and the school.
4. Strengthening of Government Schools with the support of community participation (community support) with the active participation of SHGs and AAPCs.
5. Identification of school-age children from the nearby Anganwadi Centers and join them in the Government Schools.
6. Updating Village Education Register (VER) / Updating Admission register with PEN number and updating other online services related to the School Education Department.
7. Enrolling children in Upper Primary School / High School those who have completed the 5th class and enrolment of children in High School those who have completed the 7th/ 8th class and ensuring
100% transition of children.
8. Identifying schools with low enrolment and preparing a special plan to increase the number of students with parental and community involvement.
9. Preparing a plan to identify out-of-school children with the help of AAPC and enrol them in the relevant class according to their age.
10. Preparing a plan emphasizing the importance of girls’ education so that all the girls are enrolled in the school and continue their education.
11. Creating awareness of RTE (Right to Education) among Parents, Children, and Community members.
12. Emphasizing the role of Parents in the effective schooling process and the importance of their attendance in PTMs.
13. Creating awareness of Government initiatives like bi-lingual
textbooks, notebooks, uniforms, Mid-day meals, CWSN provisions
(escort, transport & reader allowance, stipend for girls, aids and
14. Creating awareness on the Digitalization of Classrooms (IFP Panels,
Teacher Tabs, Desk tops, e-learning, Education Apps, Facial
Recognition Systems, and Learning Management Systems).
15. Creating awareness of various resources available for children to
learn at home (IntintaChaduvulaPanta) and drive registrations on
the IICP bot.
The District Collectors, District Educational Officers, Mandal
Education Officers, Headmasters, and Teachers shall make effective plans
to achieve the objectives of BadiBata and ensure the following activities
are taken up.

A. Preparatory activities:
District Collector’s Role:
1. District Level Convergence Meeting by involving Panchayath Raj &
Rural development, Municipal Administration, Labour department,
WCD, Health department, all welfare departments and Zilla Mahila
Samakhya to be conducted on or before 30.05.2024 under the
chairmanship of the District Collector to prepare an action plan in
conducting the programme effectively.
2. The District Collector shall take steps to involve all District Level
Officers,other Employees up to Panchayat level in the district,
SelfHelp Groups, AAPC members, Local community Leaders in the
District in Badi Bata Programme to conduct in vibrant manner.
3. The District Collectors have to ensure that all AAPC works, stitching
of one pair of Uniforms are completed and Text Books, Note Books,
Work Books etc., are ready for distribution by 10.06.2024.
4. The District Collectors have to ensure that Mandal Level Committees
are formed and involved actively in Badibata programme under the
supervision of Mandal Special Officers.
District Educational Officer’s Role:
5. Under the guidance of the District Collector, the DEO should
coordinate all stakeholders, social service organizations, NGOs and
community to make the programme a success.
6. The District Educational officer should coordinate with PD, DRDA, PD,
MEPMA and GHMC officials in order to involve SHGs, SLFs in a big
way in enrolment &retention drive and all Badibata activities.
7. The DEO has to issue time to time directions to MEOs.,MNOs, School
Complex HMs Headmasters and Teachers in order to reach the
objectives of Badibata program
8. Partner with non-governmental organizations that focus on
education to run joint campaigns in promoting the facilities and
benefits of Govt. Schools and to ensure 100% enrolment and
9. Local media channels, such as radio, television, newspapers, and
social media, should be used to run awareness campaigns
highlighting the benefits of enrolling children in government schools.
10. The complex Head Masters Mandal Nodal Officers, Mandal
Educational Officers, all District Coordinators of SamagraShiksha and
District Educational Officer should closely monitor Badi Bata
programme on a daily basis.
11. The coordinator (Community mobilization) has to report the
details of newly admitted children to the Badi Bata desk at the State
Level on daily basis.
Mandal Parishad Development Officer
12. A Committee shall be constituted at Mandal Level with the
Tahsildar, Mandal Development Officer, Mandal Education Officer,
Station House Officer, Assistant Labour Officer, NGOs, Hostel
Welfare Officers of all Welfare Hostels, Women & Child Welfare
Supervisors, and Cluster Resource Persons and the main
responsibility of this Committee is to prepare a plan to achieve
objectives of Badi Bata and also to take action to see that there is no
child labour in the residential areas in the Mandal.
13. The Mandal Level Convergence Meeting shall be conducted on
31.05.2024 with the concerned line departments, Village
Organizations, Mandal Mahila Samakhya and AAPC chairpersons to
prepare an action plan for effective implementation of the
14. All Mandal Officers shall be given responsibility of clusters
containing some Villages / habitations to ensure effective
implementation of Badi Bata programme.
15. MPDOs have to ensure that Village Level committees are
formed with the Special Officers of the Village, Village Secretary,
HM, Teachers, HWOs, Anganwadi workers, SHGs, etc., to plan to
achieve the objectives of Badi Bata
Mandal Educational Officer’s Role:
16. The MEO has to coordinate with the Mandal Level Committee
for effective implementation Badi Bata programme.
17. To report on a daily basis, the list of newly admitted children
to the DPO.

Headmaster’s Role:
18. Conducting a preparatory meeting on 01.06.2024 at Village
Level / School Level duly involving AAPC members, SMC members,
Parents, Anganwadi workers, HWOs, SHGs & Asha workers to
prepare an action plan to achieve the objectives of Badi Bata.
19. In the meeting of Village Organization (Mahila Samakya) the
enrolment and retention in all schools should be made as an Agenda
item and follow up actions and targets should be fixed. The Village
Education committees should be strengthened and the school
development should be the priority item in GP / Municipality level
planning duly including parents, teachers, HWOs and villagers.
20. Wide publicity shall be given on the facilities provided at
Govt. Schools like free Uniforms, Text Books, Notebooks, qualified
teachers, best infrastructure facilities and benefits like scholarships,
transportation charges, admission in IIIT Basara , fee
reimbursement at Higher Education Level for the students studied in
Govt. Schools.
21. Preparation of an action plan by all schools to implement the
day-wise activities and also to achieve the objectives of BadiBata.
22. Ensure cleanliness of the classrooms and school vicinity. Check
for water supply in the school before 11.06.2024.
23. To keep alltherecords at the school level ready.
24. To ensure all emergency maintenance works are completed by
25. To ensure all school safety measures are taken care of as
per the norms.
26. To make all arrangements for the PTM on 12.06.2024 like
traditional invitations to parents, decoration of schools, taking the
time of public representatives, etc. well in advance.
27. To keep textbooks, notebooks, workbooks, and stitched
uniforms ready by 10.06.2024.
28. Feedback of parents should be recorded for further
29. Engaging students and alumni as ambassadors to share their
positive experiences in Govt. Schooling system.
30. Share success stories of students who have excelled
academically or in extracurricular activities, with the community.
31. Engage local leaders, and influential community members to
advocate for education and Govt. Schooling system. Their
endorsement can significantly influence parents' decision to choose
Education to their children and to choose Govt. Schools.
32. Name-wise particulars of children who are newly admitted,
children enrolled from Anganwadi Centers, and children who enrolled
from private schools are to be uploaded in the portal every day.
B. Badi Bata - 03.06.2024 to 11.06.2024
The following activities shall be taken up in the morning from 7.00
AM to 11.00 AM on each day in all the schools from 03.06.2024 to
a. To enrol the eligible Anganwadi children& 5+ age group children into
nearby Primary Schools in Class-I in coordination with officials of the
Women Development & Child Welfare Department at the
District/Mandal/Village level.
b. Identify school-age and out-of-school children, drop outs, never
enrolled children and long absentees with the help of women Self
Help Groups (SHGs) and design an action plan to enrol these
children into Government Schools.
c. Identification of child labor and to enrol them in appropriate classes
in Government Schools.
d. Online promotion activity shall be completed by 08.06.2024.
e. Readiness Programmes shall be conducted for children to create
interest in school and education.
f. Welcoming parents, community and all public representatives in
traditional way for all the activities of Badi Bata programme to be
conducted from 12.06.2024 to 19.06.2024
g. Give wide publicity about the welfare Hostelsnearby School Head
Masters and concerned Hostel HWOs
Activities to be taken up from 03.06.2024 to 11.06.2024
Village Organizations (VOs), all Self-Help Groups, AAPC members, HMs &
Teachers, Hostel Welfare Officers (HWOs), parents, old students are to be
involved daily from 03.06.2024 to 11.06.2024 at village level for conduct of
day wise activities. The Public Representatives shall be involved after
prevailing Model Code of Conduct.

Activities to be taken up under Badi Bata after the reopening of
In addition to the activities of Enrolment Drive mentioned at (A) &(B), the following day-wise activities shall be taken up from 12.06.2024 to 19.06.2024 on par with regular teaching activities.

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Badi Bata 2019

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State Project Director, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Telangana, Hyderabad has issued orders to conduct the Prof Jaya Shankar Badi Bata program 2019-20 from the begining of the academic year 2019-20.  Instructions have been issued on the preparatory programs in all the schools of Telangana state.

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Prof Jaya Shankar Badi Bata program 2018-19 Badi Bata Day wise Shedule & Preparatory programs

State Project Director, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Telangana, Hyderabad has issued orders to conduct the Prof Jaya Shankar Badi Bata program 2019-20 from the begining of the academic year 2019-20.

instructions have been issued on the preparatory programs in all the schools of Telangana state.
School Profiles:
Every Head Master of PS/UPS/HS shall prepare school profile. ie Total NO. of school age children in the catchment area number enrolled, number of out of school children, Performance of the children, status of receiving free uniforms, free text books, Mid day meals for the academic year 2019-20.
Enrolment campaign Material: 
preparation of school specific campaign material like phamplets, flexen on school performance and other highlighs and Excellency in Academics.
Focus on 100% Enfolment:
Primary schools prepare the list of school age children in the catchment area for enrolment in the schools. All the Head Masters/Teachers of primary schools shall interact with Anganwadi workers for enrolment of children in their schools.
Out of school children:
HMs of schools shall prepare the list of name wise all out of school children in their catchment area i.e. never enrolled and dropouts. they should plan for their main streaming through special training centers.
Fresh Enrolment for the year 2019-20:
The HMs shall prepare the list of outgoing children, ie class 5th and hand over to the nearby High school/Upper primary schools for their 100% enrolment. similarly the HMs of UP schols hsall prepare the list of class 7th/8th children and handover the list to the HM of nearby HS.
HMs must prepare a school development plan with clear cut programs, targets and action plan to improve the academic performance of both teachers and students.
Door to door campaign by the HMs for enrolment of all children in the catchment area.

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