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Degree Online Services Telangana DOST Admissions 2021 -How to Apply Online

How to Apply for DOST Online Degree Admissions 2021
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Congratulations to all the students who have successfully passed the Intermediate Public Examination, 2021. Degree is the next step in your academic pursuit. We welcome you to the online platform, DOST (Degree Online Services, Telangana) for the academic year 2021-22. DOST facilitates you to join in UG courses like (B.A., B.Com, B.Sc., BBA, BCA, BBM, BSW etc.).
DOST offers single window (DOST website for seeking admission into any of the undergraduate programs in any of the state universities (Osmania, Kakatiya, Telangana, Palamuru, Mahatma Gandhi, Sathavahana Universities). The process of admission is simple. It is student friendly and one can do it by himself/herself. Candidate must register himself/herself by visiting the website and logging in by the Intermediate Hall -ticket number. Admissions for the TSBTET 2 Diploma Courses (DHMCT and D-Pharmacy) are conducted through DOST from the Academic Year 2021-22. One must follow the following steps.

జులై 1 నుంచి దోస్త్‌ రిజిస్ట్రేషన్లు

 తెలంగాణ డిగ్రీ ఆన్‌లైన్‌ ప్రవేశాల ప్రకటన విడుదలైంది. జులై 1 నుంచి 15వరకు దోస్త్‌ రిజిస్ట్రేషన్లు చేసుకోవచ్చని దోస్త్‌ కన్వీనర్‌ లింబాద్రి గౌడ్‌ తెలిపారు. ‘‘జులై 3 నుంచి 16వరకు వెబ్‌ ఆప్షన్లకు అవకాశం ఉంటుంది. జులై 22న మొదటి విడత డిగ్రీ సీట్ల కేటాయింపు ఉంటుంది. జులై 23 నుంచి 27 వరకు రెండో విడత దోస్త్‌ రిజిస్ట్రేషన్లు జరగుతాయి. ఆగస్టు 4న రెండో విడత డిగ్రీ సీట్లను కేటాయిస్తాం. ఆగస్టు 5 నుంచి 10 వరకు మూడో విడత దోస్త్‌ రిజిస్ట్రేషన్లు కొనసాగిస్తాం. ఆగస్టు 6 నుంచి 11వరకు మూడో విడత వెబ్‌ ఆప్షన్లు, ఆగస్టు 18 నుంచి మూడో విడత డిగ్రీ సీట్ల కేటాయింపు, సెప్టెంబరు 1 నుంచి డిగ్రీ మొదటి సంవత్సరం తరగతులు జరుగుతాయి’’ అని దోస్త్‌ కన్వీనర్‌ వెల్లడించారు.

DOST-2021 Admission Process for the students
Method-I: If a student has already linked Aadhaar number with the mobile number, he/she can directly register in DOST Website with mobile OTP authentication. In case, his/her Aadhaar number is not seeded with mobile number, the students shall link his or his parent’s mobile number to the student’s Aadhaar at Aadhaar Update Centres.
Method-II: The students visit MeeSeva Centre for biometric authentication and registration in DOST.
Method-III: The TSBIE students can register in DOST through T App Folio Mobile App based photo authentication.
1. The students may install Mobile based T App Folio which contains DOST ID generation service.
2.  Students shall enter Hall ticket Number of TSBIE, Date of Birth, Aadhaar Number and Mobile Number.
3.  On verification of Hall Ticket, Date of Birth, Uniqueness of Aadhaar and Uniqueness of Mobile, the details of the data (Candidate’s Name, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Gender, Candidate’s Photograph) would be returned to TS App Folio application.
4.  On successful authentication of live photograph (selfie) with the photograph available in TSBIE service, DOST Reference ID is generated.
5.  Students get DOST Reference ID over SMS and on App.
6. The students can go for further process of registration and exercise web options on DOST online web portal.
7. Registration on DOST is by paying registration fee of Rs 200/-
8.  After the registration students will get DOST ID and PIN. The students are advised to keep their DOST ID and PIN carefully and confidentially till the end of the admission process.
9.  The students shall log in using DOST ID and PIN/password to open the Application Form.
10.  They must fill in the application form with all the correct details that are required (once the data is submitted it cannot be edited).
11.  Then they must exercise web options by choosing the course and college of their preference by giving the priority numbers. (One must be careful while giving college and course priorities as the seats will be allotted according to the priorities specified in the options.)
12.  The students are advised not to share DOST ID/PIN/Password with anybody to keep their options confidential.
13.  Seat allotment will be given to the students who exercised web options.
14.  Seats will be allotted based on the merit and reservations in force.

15.  If the students are satisfied with the seat allotted, they must confirm the seat by online self-reporting and pay the required confirmation fee online as per the payment mentioned below.
16.  The students who confirm their seat (in any phase) by online self-reporting must visit the allotted college in person from 18.08.2021 to 21.08.2021 and submit the required certificates and pay fee, then only your seat is confirmed.
17. If the student is not satisfied with the seat secured, he can pay fee (online payment) for the reservation of the seat and then, go for web options once again in the second and third phases. 

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Payment Process
1. The students shall pay DOST registration fee and reservation fee through online payment gateways.
2. The students who are allotted to Government/University Colleges and are eligible for ePass fee reimbursement need not pay any amount for online selfreporting.
3. The students who are allotted to Private Colleges and are eligible for ePass fee reimbursement need to pay an amount of Rs.500/- for online self-reporting.
4.  The students who are allotted to Government/University Colleges/Private Colleges and are not eligible for ePass college fee reimbursement need to pay an amount of Rs.1000/- for online self-reporting.

Dost Online Degree Admission Schedule:

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