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Tholimettu (FLN) Class 3 English Subject Year Plan, Unit Plan cum and period Plans

Tholimettu (FLN) Class 3 English Subject  Year Plan, Unit Plan cum and period Plans
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The 10 Advantages of having a Lesson Plan Before Going to Classroom

1. Inspiration 
A thorough lesson plan inspired the teacher to improve the lesson plan further. You can make it better for the purpose of achieving the lesson plan in a better way.
2. Evaluation
A lesson plan helps the teacher to evaluate his teaching and to compare it with set objectives. This evaluation will help you in achieving the set targets in a better  way .
3. Self-confidence
These lesson plans develops self-confidence in the teacher and make them to work  towards definite goal.
4. Previous Knowledge of the Students
A teacher can take a proper care by considering the level and previous knowledge  of the students in your class.
5. Organized Matter
A teacher will be able to finish a particular lesson in a limited time frame. This  will help him or her to make the students learn a better and precise manner.
6. Ask Questions
A teacher will be able to ask proper and important questions to the students in the  classroom. This will engage the students in communication and help them in  retaining the lesson.
7. Guidance
A lesson plan works as a guide for the teacher in the classroom. It tells you what  to teach so that they can cover the entire lesson within a limited time frame.
8. Interest
A lesson plan creates the interest of the students in the lesson and makes them  learn with curiosity in subject matter.
9. Stimulation
A lesson plan stimulates the teacher to think in an organized way. This helps you to  atch the ideal standard of teaching more quickly than ever.
10. Understand the Objectives
Through a lesson plan, a teacher is able to understand the objectives of the lessonproperly and make his students to understand them too, with ease.  The online nursery teacher training course trains teachers of all aspects of lesson  planning.

Using a suitable lesson plan will enhance a well prepared lesson and generative  subjects. It is necessary that what we have learned in the class produces a desired  result or the required outcome  
These lessons act a guide for the activities which are needed to be conducted in  classroom in order to reach the desired goal. This helps and makes the class  hours interesting because the lessons are prepared in advance and the teacher  knows how to jump from one topic to another. In this way, the teacher can also  anticipate the questions that might be asked to him during the class. 
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Class 3 All Units Period Plans (Prepared by Ravi Maharaj)

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