Saturday, June 11, 2016

RC 550 TS Model Schools Admission Schedule 2016 in Telangana

Model Schools Admissions Notifications Telangana Model School Results Telangana Model Schools Admission date to VI to Intermediate 1st Year for the Academic year 2016-17 in 185 Model Schools  Telangana Model Scgools Admissions-2016 TS Model Schools Admission Schedule in Telangana Telangana instructions to follow TS MOdel Schools Admissions Schedule Vide Ref GO MS No 24 Dt 10.06.2016

Schedule for Admissions into TS Model Schools

  1. Publication of Merit List: 10.06.2016
  2. Finalisation of Admission list at School level : 15.06.2016
  3. Certificate Verification and 17.06.2016
  4. Click here to Download Rc 550 Dt 10.06.2016