Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rc 244 Urdu Medium Schools Half Day working during Ramzan

Rc 244 Half Day Working to Urdu Medium Schools in Telangana during Ramzan month 2016 Urdu Medium Schools changing of school hours during the period of RAMZAN from 13.06.2016 to 06.07.2016 timings 8am to 1:30pm-Certain instructions issued

As some Teachers Unions requested to change the school hours to the Urdu parallel / exclusive medium schools and Urdu Medium DIETs in the Sate from 8am to 1:30 pm from 13.06.2016 to 06.07.2016 during the Ramzan Period. The timings should not be less than 5 hours for Urdu Exclusive and parallel Primary Schools and 5 1/2 hours for Urdu exclusive and parallel Upper Primary and High Schools & Urdu Medium DIETs

Click here to Download Rc 244 Dt 13.06.2016