Wednesday, 1 June 2016

GO Rt 336 Celebration of Telangana Formation Day- List of Awardees

GO Rt 336 YAT&C (CA) Department – Telangana State Formation Celebrations, 2016 – Presentation of “Telangana State Level Awards – 2016” – List of Awardees selected in different fields –
Approved - Orders - Issued.


G.O.Rt.No.336                                                                                 Dated: 31-05-2016

1. G.O.Rt.No.304, YAT&C (CA) Department, Dated: 17-05-2016.
2. From the DOC, Note No. 1/SLA/2016/CA, Dated: 31-05-2016.

O R D E R:

  1. In the reference first read above, Government have constituted a Committee for selecting the eminent personalities for “Telangana State Level Awards - 2016” for Telangana State Formation Celebrations, 2016 from different fields.
  2.  In the reference second read above, the Director, Department of Culture and Member Convenor, Hyderabad has submitted the list of 62 eminent personalities selected in different fiends recommended by the committee members for presentation of “Telangana State Level Awards - 2016” on 2nd June, 2016.
  3.  After careful examination of the matter, Government hereby approve the names of the following eminent personalities (awardees) for “Telangana State Level Awards - 2016” to be awarded during the Telangana State Formation Celebrations – 2016 on 02-06-2016 at Parade Grounds, Secunderabad
  4. Click here to Download GO Rt 336 Dt 31.05.2016

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