Saturday, May 21, 2016

Rc 73 Updation of Teachers Particulars and Model Form

Rc 73 Updation of Teachers particulars in website on or before 28.05.2016 in Andhra Pradesh Orders issued. School Education Department of Andhra Pradesh has instructed AP Teachers to update their indivisual particulars in its official website. Model Form and
Model Form and Instructions for Updating Details at Teachers Details at CSE Website

Key Instruction Points to Update Teachers Particulars Online at

  1. Please keep your Mobile Phone – we will send you OTP to this number 
  2. We have mapped all your mobile phones with your treasury id. If the mobile number you enter is not matching our database, no OTP will be sent. 
  3. In such cases if you are a primary school teacher, please contact your MEO for OTP, and if you are an Upper Primary School or High School teacher please contact your DyEO. 
  4. Photo (soft copy) for uploading
  5. If married – your spouse details. 
  6. If spouse is a Government Employee all details of which government department he/she is working 
  7. If a Government Teacher – his/her Treasury ID 
  8. All Educational Qualifications – listed in a document 
  9. All details of Departmental Tests passed 
  10. All Details of Transfers 
  11. All Details of Promotions 
  12. Details of Family members to be included in Health Card.
  13. Click here to Download Rc No 73
  14. Click here to Download Model Form
  15. Click here to Update your Particulars Online at