Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A P Rc 138 Dress Code for Teachers in Andhra Pradesh

A P Rc 138 Dress Code and use of cell phones in classrooms for Teachers in Andhra Pradesh.

A P Rc 138 Dress Code and use of cell phones in classrooms for Teachers in Andhra Pradesh./2016/04/a-p-rc-138-dress-code-for-teachers-in-andhra-pradesh.html

        All the RJDs of School Education and all the DEOs in the State are informed that , it is brought to the notice of Commissioner and Director of School Education,AP,Hyderabad.
         That most of the teachers are not following dress-code while attending the school and are dressing by  wearing Jean Pants.,8 pockets 4 pockets pants,"T"shirts,Round neck T shirts,flip flop shoes.The dress should confirm to the professional standards and teaching is a noble profession where the society looks at a teacher for standards of living and should be a role model to students.
          It os also brought to the notice that rampant use of cellphones in school hours.
           Instructional  hour's use of cell phones in classroom by teachers distracts the attention of students and student will emulate such habits from teachers and will affect the educational activities and the students will not be able to pay attention in classroom.
           In ordet to instill discipline among the teachers and students all the RJDs of school Education and DEOs in the State are instructed to issue instructions to all the concered that:

1. The HM/Teacher should attend the school in the dress appropriate to the profession and should not wear Jeans,Tshirts etc...

2.The HM/Teachers should not use cell-phones in the class rooms and instructional hours and students also should not be allowed to use phones in class rooms.

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