Sunday, September 27, 2015

Scholarships For Fresh Registration (2015-16)

TS Scholarships For Fresh Registration (2015-16) 
2015-16 Registrations Opened(Last Date is 30-10-2015).

Students Eligible :
  • Students who belong to the categories of SC,ST whose annual parental income is Rs. Two Lakhs or below and BC,EBC,Disabled Welfare Students whose parental income is RS. One lakh or below.
  • Students whose attendance is 75% at the end of each quarter.
Students not Eligible :
  • Students belonging to the categories other than SC, ST, BC, EBC and DW(Disabled).
  • SC,ST Students whose annual parental income is more than Rs. Two Lakhs and BC,EBC,Disabled Students whose parental income is more than Rupees One lakh.
  • All Students pursuing the part time courses, online courses.
  • Students admitted under Sponsored seats, Management Quota seats.
  • Students drawing the stipend more than the scholarship amount in aggregate per annum.
  • Students of BC, EBC and DW students studying the Courses offered by open universities, distant mode, category B seats in MBBS, BDS.
  • EBC students studying Intermediate or equivalent courses
  • Student Services

    1)Postmatric Scholarships For Fresh Registration (2015-16) 
    (Fresh Registrations will be Closed on 30-10-2015)Click Here

    2)Postmatric Scholarships For Renewal Registration (2015-16) 
    (Renewal Registrations will be Closed on 30-10-2015)Click Here
    3)Postmatric Scholarships For Fresh Registration (2014-15) 
    Registration ClosedEdit
    4)Postmatric Scholarships For Renewal Registration (2014-15) 
    Registration Closed
    5)Postmatric Scholarships For Fresh/Renewal Seven Years Study Certificates Upload (2014-15) 
    6)Prematric Scholarships For SC/ST/BC Fresh Registration (2015-16)Click Here
    7)Prematric Scholarships For SC/ST/BC Renewal Registration (2015-16)Click Here

    8)Postmatric Scholarships For Fresh Registration (2013-14) 
    Registration Closed 
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    9)Postmatric Aadhar No Re-UploadClick Here
    10)Prematric Scholarships For SC/ST/BC Print Application / Bank Pass Book Re-Upload / Aadhaar Re-Uplaod(2013-14) 
    Click Here
    11)Scanned Bank Pass Book Re-Upload for Postmatric Fresh and Renewal StudentsClick Here
    12)Fresh Applications Scanned Documents (2012-13)Click Here
    13)Fresh Applications Scanned Documents (Minority) (2012-13)Click Here
    14)Fresh Applications Scanned Documents (2011-12)Click Here
    15)Renewal Applications Edit Scanned Documents (2011-12,2012-13,2013-14,2014-15)Click Here
    Ambedkar Overseas Vidya Nidhi Scholarship registrations of SC and ST applications are now OpenOverseas Scholarship Selection for MINORITY applications is on 04-08-2015. Last date for registration of MINORITY applications is on 01-08-201516)Application Registration for Overseas Scholarships for SC/ST/MINORITY Students. 
    For SC :- GO.Ms.No.54 (Guidelines) 
    For ST :- GO.Ms.No.36 (Guidelines) 
    For MINORITY :- G.O.Ms.No. 24 ,G.O.Ms.No. 126 
    Provisonally Selected ListRegistration 
    Print Here 
    Upload I-Semister Marks Memo
    17)Coaching to SC/ST Students for Eligibility Tests for Addmission in Foreign UniversitiesRegistration 
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    Confirmed List