Sunday, August 13, 2023

TSRTC Gamyam : Bus Tracking App - Know the App Features

TSRTC Gamyam : Bus Tracking App - Know the App Features

The TSRTC debuted its "TSRTC Gamyam" bus tracking app in an effort to make bus travel simpler.

This bus monitoring software will assist users in planning their journey to minimise unnecessary waiting at bus stops or stations by letting them know when buses are arriving and departing at different points around Telangana and neighbouring States where TSRTC services are offered.

According to TSRTC authorities, the app enhances the bus travel experience by giving precise information on bus arrival at the bus stop that is closest to your house, workplace, favourite store, event, or other area. By linking you to airports or train stations throughout the search, it improves coordination for your trip itinerary.

TSRTC Gamyam : Bus Tracking App - Know the App Features

Features of the TSRTC Gamyam App:

  • 1. Offers distinct bus tracking services for Hyderabad City and District.
  • 2. Provides an ETA for both the origin and the destination points.
  • 3. Look for special type services like Garuda plus, Rajadhani, Super Luxury, Deluxe, and Express buses from and to locations/stages in the district.
  • 4. In Hyderabad City, look for bus services between points/stages for specific service types as Pushpak (Airport services), Metro Luxury, Metro Deluxe, and Metro Express buses.
  • 5. Look for the Shamshabad Electric buses (Pushpak), which run around-the-clock for the convenience of passengers, at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA).
  • 6. Use a bus number search to follow a certain route being used by friends or relatives so you can get there in time to pick them up.
  • 7. To view all of the current journeys on a route, search by the name or number of the route.
  • 8. Use the app to plan your route by viewing your present position and the closest bus stop.
  • 9. View the live bus position in the map as well as the active trips that are now in progress and are scheduled to arrive at the specified bus stop.
  • 10. Use TSRTC emergency services like the women's helpline and report any accidents or malfunctions that may have occurred.